Today Is That Day! I’m Grumpy!

Writing a blog post is almost like writing a diary post. I get to unleash, write my thoughts down or simply just get to have a moment to think and speak from the heart. Today is one of those days where I feel the parenting kick, grumpiness or maybe just the “I need to be […]



WOW! I had this blog post idea started back in early September. I thought I was going to give you all my great tips on how to get your baby to sleep through the night…..but I got NONE!!! We are 6 days away from Natalie’s 1st birthday and guess what???!!?! She slept like crap last […]

Food Dyes – Why We Avoid Them

Alright, I spoke about food allergies and how we managed, but now let me talk about food dyes. Another fun topic! Are you ready? Here we go! I have to admit, food dyes were never on my mind or something I chatted about with friends. It wasn’t quite a topic of interest nor a topic […]

What it’s like having 4 kids

Well if you haven’t caught my little video on either Facebook or Instagram, click the link below to see my YouTube video describing my terrible mommy brain. What it’s Like Having 4 Kids Please follow and like us:0 0 20


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