WOW! I had this blog post idea started back in early September. I thought I was going to give you all my great tips on how to get your baby to sleep through the night…..but I got NONE!!! We are 6 days away from Natalie’s 1st birthday and guess what???!!?! She slept like crap last […]


The Best Stain Remover

Grass, poop, dirt, makers, puke, food?? Do you relate ti any of these types of stains?? It’s all happening in my house. I have tried all of the products and I believe to have found my last resort. If this one doesn’t work, then I give up!

When Leaving The House is Hard

We have reached the 4-month milestone and I finally feel like we can come out of isolation. Not saying that the last 4 months were really hard but they weren’t super easy either. When Natalie was born, getting out of the house for the first 3 weeks wasn’t bad because as a newborn she just […]


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