Boys and Trouble

This week,  I was having a chat with my coworker about a situation my boys got themselves into. It had us laughing and yet rethink children and danger. We know the term “baby proofing”. As our babies start moving around, we start to remove the “dangers” from their path or lock the cupboards and drawers […]


VOTE : Boy or Girl

Tomorrow is the big reveal day for our growing family. We will find out at the ultrasound, as long as baby is co-operating, if we are having a boy or a girl. I literally feel as though I already know I am having a 4th boy. All four pregnancies have been exactly the same. They all have […]

Who’s hungry for a wiener?

Quick little story. A couple of weeks ago we were out at a family reunion, and we were about to head home after a great weekend of visiting with everyone. As I was packing, my aunt quickly asks me if I would take any leftovers home with us. I said absolutely! She then asks “would […]

Capture the moments!

Last night, sitting in Tim’s room, and rocking him to sleep as he wasn’t feeling well, I started to reflect. My little boy just turned one but yet I feel he is growing too quickly. We often hear how parents always feel the small sadness of seeing their last baby grow up and not be […]

Everything becomes poop

I don't know about your kids but my kids love the word poop and think it's hilarious. We could be talking about something super random and BAM one of them turns the convo into poop and the giggles begin. Never fails. Check out me trying to sneak a video of their giggles and it still […]

Ninja time!

Man, I regret ever watching American Ninja Warriors with the kids! Ok, may even not really. It’s a really cool show and amazes me how strong both men and women can be with an immense amount of endurance!!! But, it’s so cool to my boys that they try to make everything in our house a […]

Porn Cines

Children really do say the darndest things right? Well, this past week, the husband took the kids to their soccer game. He gave them the small speech of quit pushing and chasing each other around. You see, these two boys are 18 months apart, so they get to play sports together every 2nd year or […]

Blood or Spray Paint???

Sooooo last Saturday evening we decided to invite some little friends to come and play with the boys….well all was going well until this: Interesting image right? Well, this is how it started. The boys, 4 of them, were playing downstairs while the adults enjoyed time alone. Then the youngest one came upstairs to talk […]


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