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15 Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

Nothing says Happy Father’s Day like some good crafts, homemade gifts or monthly subscription boxes. It’s always fun to surprise dad with something from the kids or to wait for the new monthly box with the gifts inside. Check out the ideas below for great ways to surprise dad this year. Why not create these little superheroes […]

Kids Arts & Crafts : Painting and Tubes

Good old Pinterest inspired us to save all our paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls to do an art project. It was lots of fun, and all boys wanted to do their part. Here was our little craft adventure. What you need: – cardboard – a bunch of toilet paper and paper towel rolls […]

How I Organized My Kids Documents And Pictures

I’m not the most organized person, but lately, I have found myself trying to get things more accessible. With 4 kids, we have quadruple copies of everything. We keep the essential documents tucked away in a safe spot, but for everything else, it’s becoming a big cluster of documents to filter through. When we register […]

Arts & Crafts: Painting With Pucks

Winter doesn’t seem to want to give up its status here, in fact, another storm is scheduled for tomorrow. We just can’t shake it, and we are really anxious for spring. With crappy weather, this past weekend, we did an indoor painting activity before heading outside to play in the snow/slush/wind, any other cold winter […]

25 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Once again, Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and I have done the research for you! No need to run to Pinterest or Google for gift ideas I’ve got you covered. Below is a list of crafts, jewellery, and other unique gift ideas. Don’t wait too long, if you are ordering online, remember the shipping times […]