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$150/Week Food Budget – Canada (January)

As I love to share our weekly meal plans, here is what we did for January with a few different cookbooks found at the library. I loved it when I received recommendations from friends and Instagram followers. If you have a go-to cookbook, let me know, I would love to try it out.

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Cheap Meal Plan – How To Work Through Your Freezer

Are you searching for ways to reduce your grocery bills? Did you know that as a family of 6 in Canada, I spend on average $140/week on groceries? Some weeks, I spend much less and others at about $150. I budget to be at $150 but always strive to be lower. 15 Tips To Save Money On Groceries I often hear or read comments that it is impossible to buy groceries for a family at a low price. I say that it is not true. It is very manageable if you meal plan and work on not having an abundance...
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Meal Plan Ideas – December – Family of 6

If you've been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you will have noticed that I have been sharing my weekly meal plans with my grocery haul. I thought I would take it further, share it on my blog and link to the recipes, or page number in the book I have been using. Sharing is caring am I right? If I share, can I request you share this blog post with others as well?? It would be appreciated. One last request, if you have a go-to recipe, please comment on the post and I will try and include it in...
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15 Tips To Save Money On Groceries

Searching for ways to save money on groceries? Overspending every month? I found myself shopping at Costco at least 3 times a month and sometimes more!!! Our grocery bills were RIDICULOUS!! I was justifying the spending by saying it's because we are a family of 6 and Canadian groceries are simply more expensive..... What excuses, it is possible! It was time for a budget reboot!!!! I love a challenge and I have decided to buy groceries for our household at $600/month. Pretty much cutting our budget down by half. Now that is a big task. (This site contains endorsements for...
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Ready-Made Meal Plans not what you are looking for? That is completely fine!! If you want to make your own plan, it is possible as you already know. Now, where you might be getting stuck is finding your meals, right? Let me try and help you fill in those gaps for meal ideas. Meal Ideas with links to recipes Beef Options: Lasagna Instant Pot by Simply Happy FoodieRoll-ups by Betty CrockerTraditional by Great Grub, Delicious TreatsCasserole by Great Grub, Delicious Treats Meatballs (for a super simple method, buy pre-made frozen meatballs) Honey Garlic by Fabulessly FrugalItalian by RecipeTin EatsSweet &...
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Now if you are like me and do not have the time to plan out all your meals, research different recipes to feed to your family.  Have a look at the following different programs below. Most programs offer a trial period which is even better. You do not have to commit unless the plans work for your family. This is a huge time saver for me and removes the need to make decisions. I do not need to decide what we will eat as a family every single night. Of course, some meals may not work for us, but at...
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Wouldn't it just be ideal if all meals could be cooked ahead of time, be freezable, and not lose any of the freshness or quality? Yes, that would be a perfect world but unfortunately, it isn't the case. With pre-cooked freezer meals, you will lose a bit of freshness and quality; however, you will gain a huge convenience of ready to go meals. I will not pretend to be an expert in this section, but I have obtained experience from making multiple meals and testing different recipes. This is how it works for me. Meats If I have meals that...
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How to Meal Prep

MEAL PREPPING My recommendation is to start small. If you are going to cook a few meals ahead of time, only do two or three meals maximum. Don't go all in right away. Get used to the idea of preparing more than one meal at a time. I mean, cooking one meal can be lots of work, but trying to do three meals is a challenge. Try to get used to multitasking and cooking or prepping more than one meal at once. I will look at the suggested recipes for the week and will decide which ones will work for...
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Meal Planning – Batch cooking & sales

Do you find yourself constantly dreading cooking for the family? Are you running out of ideas? Or, do you regularly find yourself making your go-to recipes over and over? Welcome to my world!! This is how I have been feeling for the past seven years. Every time 4 o'clock rolled around, I knew I had to start getting supper prepped and it didn't bring me joy. Now, I have flipped that mentality and look forward to mealtime. How have I done this? What was the magic pill that I swallowed? Have I gone nuts? Did I take cooking lessons? What...
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How To Start Meal Planning

Ready-made meal plans As I was searching through Pinterest or googling new ways to cook for the family, I stumbled upon a few meal plan ideas. I was curious as to what a meal plan was like? What did it mean to meal plan? Did I have to do all the planning? How far in advance did I have to meal plan? How organized did I have to be? How much time would it require? Remember, I didn't have very much time, so that was my most significant factor. I didn't want to be planning my meals. I was too...
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