Christmas,Gift Ideas

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you ready for the big one?? Got all your Christmas shopping done months ago? Are you so ahead of the game and ready to wrap all the gifts to put under the tree??

Well here I go, this is what I quickly pulled together for myself and I may be divulging what I may or may not buy for my family members. They will just have to pretend to be surprised!


Christmas Galettes

Christmas, oh how I love bringing back traditional family baking!! Growing up, I remember both my grandma and my mother making these traditional Christmas Galettes. Every year we looked forward to them. We only made them at Christmas to keep them special. You want to try these sweet, crunchy delights. Before you can even begin to make these cookies, you need a unique iron maker. It looks similar to a waffle iron; only the grooves are not very deep. These are made special to keep your cookies nice and thin. I am lucky enough to have been given the family iron....
Christmas,Gift Ideas

Christmas Gifts For Younger Boys

Is it just me or is it hard to buy gifts for boys?? It's always the same typical things, superhero, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Legos or a game console with multiple game choices. Pretty sure my boys don't even know what to ask for any more. But, guess what, I've been paying attention and started jotting down a list of ideas this summer. I am actually on the ball this year, just haven't purchased anything yet. The best part about this list?? I can share it with others who are wondering what they want for Christmas. The kids don't even...
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