About Moi

Meal Planning - Bonita Steffensen
My name is Bonita, and I live in the beautiful province of Saskatchewan in Canada.
I grew up on a farm near a small French community where life was simple compared to today, but I loved it all.  My French heritage, farm life background and small-town experiences are carried through in my everyday life. Once we graduated from school, the love of my life and I made the move to the “big” city to further our education path.  We were married and have three boys, 7, 5, 2 years old, and the last addition to our family a baby girl. Feeling pretty blessed.
For the past 11 years, I have been employed by a national agricultural company which continues to provide me with many unique opportunities to grow and evolve with the company.  I love my job! I enjoy working in the marketing department with many talented people developing products. However, I am a busy mama trying to balance both work and home life which is how this eBook started. I needed to take charge of the chaos of home cooking.
Lastly, I am also featured in the Real Moms, Real Life, Real Messy eBook by Sarah | The Designer Mama. Make sure to get your copy and read 17 great stories of Motherhood from different moms.




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