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Freezer Meals On The Go

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Want to have freezer meals that are ready to go but don’t have a plan? Or did you go grocery shopping and find good meat deals? How do you prep the protein for the freezer quickly?

I haven’t done a meal plan since the lovely pandemic started. Dealing with kids, school, constant work changes and the lingering virus, I felt overwhelmed and took a huge break from meal planning. The burnout was real. I started a new process that has helped me in a different capacity.

My newest strategy involves going grocery shopping when we are out of milk and/or out of fruits for school. I get my grocery list and I head out to the grocery store looking for deals. Once I arrive home, I NEVER freeze my protein without putting a marinade unless I have a specific plan to use the protein in a creamy sauce (cream sauces do not freeze, they will separate and have a grainy texture)

This weekend I headed to Superstore where I bought the following protein:

  • Club Pack of boneless, skinless chicken thighs
  • Club Pack of pork chops
  • Club Pack of 3 whole chickens

I came home and assessed what I had on hand and decided on the fly that I was going to make the following freezer meals:

On top of my list of meals I prepped for the freezer, I discovered in my freezer that I had over approximately 20 frozen bananas, it was time to make muffins. I also pulled out cooked meatballs but I had run out of spaghetti sauce, it was time to fill up my freezer with more sauce.

With everything pulled out and put on the counter and ready to go, I started by making the Meal Plan Addict Sneaky Spaghetti Sauce first.

Once my sauce was done and marinating on the stove, I proceeded with dividing out my chicken thighs into freezer bags (with my luck, I ran out of large freezer bags, I simply broke one recipe in half and split one meal into 2 medium bags).

Once the chicken thighs were set with their marinating sauces, I moved on to the pork chops and did the same. Split everything up into freezer bags and threw in the ingredients.

When all the meat was completed, I threw them into the freezer, did a quick counter clean up and started up on 2 large banana muffin recipes. I doubled 2 different banana and chocolate chip muffins and ended up with 60 muffins.

Monkey Muffins


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