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20 Go-to Camping Meals

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Does anyone have any quick and easy camping meals? What do you guys bring out for food when you go camping? Help, I need new camping meal ideas? Looking for Camping Meal Ideas.

Do these questions sound familiar? Every summer, I see similar posts on my Facebook from friends and family. Heck, I have posted those questions myself. After making the same summer meals, I needed to reach out for new recipes. Do you know what I learned? I don’t need new recipes or new ideas, I needed to update what I was doing at home. I had to adjust the “gourmet” way of cooking as I call it.

What do I mean? Does it mean my food taste gross? My kids would say so because anytime I add mushrooms, tomatoes or onions, it’s automatically gross to them. I remind them I don’t cook for their taste, I cook for the family which includes mom and dad.

Go-to Meals

The slow cooker is my friend. I love that I can prep my meal early in the morning and not have to think about it until supper time.

  1. Slow cooker lasagna: Your favourite recipe, add it in a slow-cooker, cook it on low for 3 hours. Don’t overcook as your noodles may get soggy.
  2. Slow cooker pulled pork: Season your pork beforehand (favourite seasoning). Do this after grocery shopping or pull it out of the freezer and let it thaw with seasoning for flavour. Don’t forget to grab a pulled pork seasoning pack, BBQ sauce and buns.
  3. Slow cooker beef roast: Don’t go overboard with the fancy flavour. Buy a seasoning pack, add water, diced potatoes & carrots, and you have a meal.
  4. Chicken, beef or pork skewers on the BBQ: I don’t even bother making my own, the grocery store always has a few choices. I buy them on sale, freeze them and they are ready to take to the cabin.
  5. Burgers & hot dogs – these are the classics. Switch it up and have the kids cook their own hot dogs on the fire, or try this new fire hot dog recipe by Frugal Coupon Living.
  6. Slow cooker chili: This one can be made ahead, that way it’s a simple dump it all in the slow cooker and walk away
  7. Slow cooker stew: Buy a stew package and add, veggies, potatoes and a dash of barley or lentils to add extra hidden gems
  8. Spaghetti & meat sauce: I like to make meat marinade ahead of time and freeze them for meals. Or simply have your canned pasta sauce on hand.
  9. Macaroni & Cheese: Might be on sale, stock up and add some cooked cut-up hot dogs in it
  10. Macaroni salad
  11. Bacon & eggs: add a side of hashbrown with a little fruit salad. Don’t forget to buy the Costco dehydrated hash browns. Best purchase ever!
  12. Chicken: find a quick marinade, make it ahead, let the marinade sit on the chicken drumsticks, thighs or breasts for 30 mins and cook them up on the BBQ.
  13. Steaks: I am not a big fan of steaks as the prices here are much too high, but it’s another great bbq or fire meal.
  14. Frozen pizza: If you have an oven, you can cook up a quick frozen pizza (might not be the best option if it is a hot day.
  15. Sub sandwiches: Great cool alternative when it’s simply too hot for a meal
  16. Tacos: Prep taco meat ahead of time, pull it out of the freezer and you can have tacos, taco salad or taco wraps.
  17. Beer Chicken: Regular chicken, rub oil and add seasoning (maybe some Mrs. Dash, or a quick chicken season package form the grocery store). Grab a can of your favourite beer, drink half and plop your chicken on top and cook on your bbq for approximately 40-60 mins.
  18. Bush pies – pizzas: Say what? This is a fun alternative to cook a pizza over a fire. You need your regular pizza toppings, Pillsbury pizza crust and a bush pie cast-iron stick (don’t forget to spray a good amount of cooking spray).
  19. Slow cooker sweet & sour meatballs: Make & cook your meatballs ahead of time.
  20. Foil packet meal: Want an all in one meal? Try a mix of onions, potatoes, sausages, and vegetables. Damn Delicious has a good explanation.

Top 6 tips for camping or cabin meals

#1 Purpose: If you are out camping or at the lake, remember you are there to enjoy yourself, not to worry about every darn meal. It’s a holiday to be away from home.

#2 Slow Cooker is your friend: No joke, if you are camping, tenting or at a cabin, the last thing you want is to heat up the place. Yes, you can make meals on a fire or on the BBQ, but the slow cooker is your friend.

#3 Prep ahead: If you have time, prep your meals ahead. I get it, finding the extra time to prep is difficult. My tip is, if you go grocery shopping to stock up for your trip, cut up carrots, or season some meat before throwing it in your cooler/fridge.

#4 Keep the ingredients simple: Pancakes are easy, buy the box where you only have to add water. Want to do pulled pork or roast beef? Grocery stores have pre-packaged seasoning mixes you can use. Simply add water, season the meat with salt&pepper, onion & garlic powder. Don’t buy all the veggies, buy the spices and it will keep all summer.

#5 Make a little extra: When I make a meal, I try to do a meal & half, that way we have enough for leftovers as a lunch meal the next day. 1 dinner = 2 meals.

#6 Keep it low maintenance: You don’t want to be washing a whole bunch of pots & pans. If you can keep it a one-pot meal, or use slow cooker liners, do what you can to keep your meal easy to cook and easy to clean afterwards.

What to serve for sides?

(Canned goods stash)

  • Pork & beans
  • Peaches & cream corn
  • Peas
  • Yellow beans


(Fresh & cooked)

  • Cut-up cucumbers
  • Corn on the cob
  • Salad (dressing on the side in case of leftovers)
  • Baby carrots
  • Slices of cheese
  • Cut-up tomatoes
  • Any fresh vegetables from your garden or ones that are in season from the grocery store
  • Potatoes: baked, mashed, diced, hashbrowns
  • Rice
  • Macaroni salad
  • Potatoe salad
  • Got a veggie tray? Cut up your veggies ahead of time and bring it along

Pantry staples

  • Oil
  • Pam or cooking spray
  • Salt & pepper
  • Onion powder
  • Garlic powder
  • Mrs. Dash seasoning blend
  • BBQ sauces
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Mac & cheese boxes
  • Pasta (spaghetti, macaroni, rotini)
  • Pancake mix
  • Maple Syrup
  • Tinfoil, saran wrap, freezer bags & containers
  • Marshmallows, graham wafers, chocolate bars
  • Cereal
  • Bread & buns(I keep a few extras in the freezer)
  • Coffee
  • Small bags of flour & sugar
  • Snacks (granola bars, fruit cups, crackers, gummies)
  • Seasoning packs (pulled pork, roasts, gravy mix, stew – Clubhouse brand has a good variety)
  • Dehydrated hash browns
  • Drinking water
Clubhouse slow cooker packs


Camping favourites

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