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Ezyroller – The Cool Bike Review

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Well hellooooo again!! Look at me finding my creativity again and blogging!! It’s been a good 4 or possibly 5 months since I wrote a blog. Wow! Pandemic problems I tell ya!

Today, I was inspired to write about my super quick, no thinking amazon purchase. I decided to do an impromptu EzyRoller bike review. I recently saw a post on Instagram and instantly went searching online to find it. Can you blame me??? We are on week 15 of being home with 4, I repeat, actually, I am shouting….. 4 KIDS!!!!!!!! So yea, I’ve been spending on ridiculous things, anything to keep the kids busy and reducing the fighting (it doesn’t go away).


Now, what did I possibly buy on a whim? A bike, but not any bike, you guys it’s pretty cool!! I saw a post about these kids riding along with a bike but sitting down and all the work to move the bike was by pushing the pedals to the right and leftover and over. Sounds simple right? Why bother? Because it’s different, something new to try when everything is shut down for the children.

These bikes are called EzyRoller bikes and I found them on Amazon:

They range from toddler size all the way to adult size. I bought the age 3-adult size as I figured our kids can grow with them. I didn’t bother going smaller as my 2 toddlers are 2 & 3 years old. They will be big enough to ride these bikes in no time.

Sure, the EzyRoller is over $100, and I bought 2, yes 2! No fighting I said. However, I did find it with free shipping.

We’ve gone on multiple bike rides and I love that I can walk and push a stroller to keep up. They don’t go super fast. We go down paths and they really enjoy going down hills (with the protective headgear of course).

The neighbours on our street have already requested the link to buy them because the kids all want a turn on the bikes to race and play. So beware, if you buy one, expect others to copy as they are fun.

EzyRoller Bike Review pros & cons:

  • Pros:
    • Easy to install/set-up
    • Sturdy and well made
    • Sizing is correct (I removed one small section to keep it small, but add it when they grow)
    • A new way to bike around town
    • Can buy extension packs to add skis to them for the winter (be fun to go downhill)
    • Steering is all in the feet
    • Easy brake pull with the hand
    • Replacement parts can be bought (wheels will wear down after a while)
    • They aren’t super fast, you can walk along or rollerblade at the same speed
    • Expect to get lots of looks, everyone wants one
  • Cons:
    • No cupholder. If I am going to ride it, I need a spot for my summer drink.
    • Uphill is challenging, but they are easy to hold and drag up as you walk
    • Not good for gravel or rocky road
    • Wish there was a way to fold them to store them in a smaller spot
    • To move along, you have to go left to right and right to left, they can take up a lot of room on the sidewalk or road. Zig-zagging
      • However this is also why the kids love these bikes, they love the zig-zag effect
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