Family of 6 Meal plan – $182/week

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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!” Another year has come and gone so quickly. It’s amazing how quickly time does go. I look back to the year and remember how I started it off going grocery shopping at $150/week for our family of 6 here in Canada!!! I started in November 2018 and ended it all around March 2019.

Why did I stop trying to grocery shop at that budget? Simple, it wasn’t quite right for our family. For instance, items such as meat were expensive and also there was food inflation that hit over the year. One article estimated that the food prices in Canada went up approximately 17%. As a result, that is a large increase. I can tell you I have noticed the prices in fresh fruit and vegetables. Apples are hard to find under $1/lb and if I do find some under that price, the quality isn’t there, they can be bruised, or possibly not a type of apple we enjoy to eat here.

I may not be shopping at a $150/week budget, but I have to say it did teach me how to read food prices and what to watch for. I know what would be considered a good meat deal and where to shop for the quality I want. It’s a great way to learn how to shop wisely and to understand what your family needs are.

Alright, blabbing over, I do want to start getting back on track with somewhat of a food budget. I have decided that $150/week is not for us, but rather I want to try and keep on a meal plan and work around deals or food items I have in either my freezer or pantry.

This week I was searching my freezer and noticed I have a LOT of chicken breast. It’s time I create a meal plan with chicken as the main focus. Sure, it might be a lot of poultry for one week, but it doesn’t bother me. Remember, I cook for my family and no one else….aka not the internet trolls ha!

I don’t know about you, but chicken breast in my opinion is a bland piece of meat to cook with. If you search online, you get thousands of ideas, but so many are similar. Pasta, casseroles or stuffed. Guess what my meal plan consists?? Pasta and casseroles, it is what it is.

I reviewed the good old Pinterest book for recipe ideas and developed by grocery list with that starting point.

Meal plan for the week starting Dec 30 (in no particular order):

As you can see, the plan isn’t all that exciting, but it does fill up our bellies. I will add veggies on the side of meals too. I have frozen corn and peas in the freezer, and I bought a large bag of carrots that can be ate fresh or cooked.

Although I am home this week, I did use the Superstore Express pick up. I stuck to my grocery list and didn’t buy anything extra. I could have easily gone into the store with the kids, but a couple of them aren’t feeling 100%. This was quick and easy.

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