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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

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Are you ready for the big one?? Got all your Christmas shopping done months ago? Are you so ahead of the game and ready to wrap all the gifts to put under the tree??

Don’t worry, neither am I! This week (last week of November) I saw a post on Instagram that there are 26 days to Christmas. I felt the stress start to hit. Usually, I have a list of ideas set up which helps ease my last minute shopping tendencies. This year, I am unorganized.

Christmas Gifts for Younger Boys

I wrote down my list of people I need to buy gifts for, and that list quickly grew to be very long. I look at that list and hope to god Pinterest can help magically find the perfect gift guides. I told my husband I was feeling the stress, and he gently reminded me that the kids were easy. Sure, but unlike him, I remembered all the people outside the family to acknowledge. It’s not only the kids, but we also have parents, family members, niece, nephews, teachers, coaches, piano teachers, Christmas party gift exchange, the whole shebang! You get it right??

It’s time to get organized. If you follow @nurselovesfarmr on Instagram, she recently posted about the Santa’s Bag app. Such a great app to keep yourself organized with Christmas gifts. I entered all the recipients, added purchased gifts or gifts I need to purchase. It even allows me to keep track of my budget and how much I have spent on each person. You may laugh, or you may completely understand this part, I love that you can enter the location of where you hid the gift. I don’t know about you, but I tend to forget I bought an item, only to find it after Christmas. Not anymore (currently located under the bathroom sink…ha, maybe one!)

Now that I have discovered how to ease some of my stress by having an organized app, the hard part is to start a list of ideas. The kids have been pretty easy to buy for as they pretty much want everything. We are currently dealing with the “Keeping up with Jones – kid’s version” with our eldest. He feels as though everyone has everything except him, but that is a whole other blog post…maybe, if I find the time.


You are probably wondering when will I get to the point and just provide you with my last-minute gift ideas? Well here I go, this is what I quickly pulled together for myself and I may be divulging what I may or may not buy for my family members. They will just have to pretend to be surprised!

Shop Amazon – Most Wished For in Toys & Games


My children (Girl 1 – Boys 3, 7, 8)

Parents & family members (now, if you are in my family, please discontinue reading)

Teachers, instructors, bus drivers or coaches

  • Previously I have given plants to teachers
  • The good old gift card (Tim Hortons, Restaurants, Indigo, Staples)
  • Soaps
  • Bath bombs
  • Chocolates
  • Cupcakes

What is your favourite item to give?

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