Birthday Parties Are Too Much

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You know how there are so many posts about if you are the first child you have 1k pictures and all the beautiful, filled photo albums? Well let me tell how this applies to the cool birthday parties.

My kids are now 8, 7, 3 and 1, so in total we have planned 19 birthdays, and as you can tell we have a ton more to go! I am sooo over birthday parties and anything crafting, baking and planning. Give me all the simple, easy and inexpensive ideas! I’m over it. Pinterest is not my friend for parties anymore. .

I don’t have any excuse to why I find this to be too much. I am just tired of doing them, planning them, and thinking of “themes”. It’s just become such a big thing and let me tell you why it’s not necessary to do it all. It can actually be a huge waste of time. I have learned a few things over these past few birthday parties.

Lessons learned

1. Kids don’t care for cake! No joke, do you know how many pieces of cake I have thrown out in the garbage? Kids get so excited to eat cake, sing the the birthday song and blow out the candles. I pass them their pieces of cake, they take a bite or two and are over it in seconds. Waste of time! I have spent many hours making those beautiful cakes (don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy making them, it’s just very time consuming), but do you know what’s my favourite? Costco cakes! $20-$25 and it’s half a slab, it’s delicious and kids are content with it.

2. Parties are expensive! I was recently at a jumping location and they were advertising their birthday packages. No joke, they were advertising their $500 package for 10 kids! Are you kidding me? $500?? Ok, it includes pizza, but let’s be real, pizza is easy to find cheap. Basically charging $50/kid to come to a 2 hour party! No thanks.

Sure, I could save the cash and host it at home….I mean cause that’s fun. It might not be bad if the parents stay, but when they don’t, I swear kids become wild. My mistake was giving them popcorn, I found that crap in places for years ha! But you’ve got to plan that hour or two very well. If not, those kids instantly bored. They need something new every 15 mins. I’m 100% sure my kids are crazy at others houses too, guaranteed.

3. Who do you invite?? Do you invite the whole class, no thanks! I don’t need 25 kids extra. Then who do you not invite? Who invited my child at their parties? God, I can’t remember that much!!! How will that kid feel if we don’t invite them? Ah! The pressure. Ok I’m being slightly dramatic, but I do try to be conscious of how kids May feel if they don’t get invited to my kids party.

4. Food & Drinks! Ok, now do I plan my kid’s party around noon or supper? Do I bother feeding kids? How much more will it cost? What do I serve with a meal? Do I have to provide chips? Snacks? Veggie or fruit tray? Oh, they will get thirty, I have to provide drinks, let’s not forget all the plates, cutlery, napkins…oh now a tablecloth? Oh, I need a good knife to cut the cake, oh I need a cloth to clean up, oh I need, I need, I need. Next thing you know, I’ve got enough food to feed a whole community barbecue.

I remember, in the early years, I was providing food for the adults too, that didn’t last long!! Oh, do we provide drinks for the adults? When does it end? Are we celebrating a kids birthday or am I planning a vow renewal party?? My grocery bill is out of hand!

5. Party favours (bags) is a thing!! There have been a couple of birthday parties that we planned and suddenly we realized we forgot to get party favour items!! Ah crap, why are we doing these again? It’s a thing that we now think is normal. I can’t wait to provide kids with a bag of goodies that they will either eat right away, throw all over their house to be forgotten or simply just end up in the garbage on day 2. No, but seriously, it’s not really possible to create a bag that’s considered “inexpensive”. Even getting a quick $5 gift card for each kid adds up quickly.


In all seriously, I do love celebrating my kids birthdays, but we have switch gears a bit in our house. We don’t our kids birthday presents as we simply rather give them a party out of the house, give them the experience instead of a toy they will forget is downstairs in a couple of months (in fact, when kids come over to our house, I’m sure they wonder why we don’t have a butt load of toys).

We don’t buy gifts, and now I also try to find an inexpensive activity, but here, it is almost impossible to find anything under $150. However, we find an activity that is considered physical or entertaining. I usually don’t plan around lunch or supper (only did a few times as I had to plan around the little siblings needing a nap).

Costco provides perfect birthday cakes that can be quickly personalized, I don’t bother making it anymore. I can’t wait to throw out the cake in the garbage…ah! Finally, I limit snack foods to just chips and possibly a fruit or veggie tray, that’s it. Kids are usually too excited to eat and want to go back and play.

Recently, we did a birthday party at a hockey game. There was no cake to serve or food to grab as we didn’t have a party room (that was a win). The best part of it all was that the game included a quick burger or hot dog as well. The only downfall was trying to find a decent hour to go without having miserable kids. We did the best we could, but no joke it all came to $15/kid plus the amount I spent on their party favours (loot bags). It was awesome and made or a great memory.

Am I alone in the thinking of birthday parties are too big now? Maybe, I have simply become too grumpy and that’s ok!

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