Top 10 Go-To Recipes

Top 10 go-to recipes

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When you are searching and searching for recipes, but you don’t know if its truly a good one or not in the mix of a thousand similar recipes. I decided to gather my top 10 go-to recipes that I use over and over. Not only are they tasteful, they are easy to make and fool-proof!

I’m all about finding ways to reduce the stress, use recipes I love and share it with others. You can count on me for trying them all out multiple times and enjoying them with the family.

Check out my top 10 go-to recipes, and let me know in the comments below what is you favourite go-to recipe you use in your house. Would love to test out more recipes.

Top 10 go-to recipes:

  1. Dinner rolls : Honestly, I call these my no fail bun recipe. I throw all the ingredients in my stand mixer and the work is done for me. 2 quick 30 minutes rises and you’ve got delicious buns. One quick substitution I have done is using bread flour instead of regular flour.
  2. Sneaky Spaghetti Sauce : Who doesn’t love spaghetti?? My kids love pasta and I get asked to make spaghetti every week. I just love that this recipe is simple, contains carrots, zucchini, onions and obviously tomatoes. It’s slighty sweet, but balanced well with the tomato flavour. Why not make it with spaghetti squash and bake it with cheese…mmmmm
  3. Sally’s Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies : Do you love soft chewy chocolate chip cookies? This is the recipe! Not only are they delicious, I like to triple the recipe, scoop them out in cookie dough bites, flash freeze and they are ready for on-demand baking.
  4. Bulk muffins : 6 people in my family basically means that a simple muffin recipe of muffins will only last 2 days. Instead of constantly doubling or tripling different recipes, I like to use the recipe from Frugal Homemaking. However, I will caution to print the recipe asap, as it’s an old blog post and who knows how long it will stay live. I just love splitting the batter and making it half blueberry and half raspberry. To add one extra bonus, I will add chocolate chips too.
  5. Pizza dough – Happy Money Saver Cookbook recipe : We love pizza and homemade pizza is always welcome when we find a good easy dough. I love Karrie’s pizza dough recipe, the only adjustment I make is I do reduce the salt, but I love how she adds other ingredients to the dough to bring extra flavour.
  6. Meat loaf – Happy Money Saver cook book : If you love meatloaf, this quick and easy recipe from Happy Money Saver is a great one. I love doubling the recipe as regular is too small, but I will make a few for the freezer and its great to pull out for another night.
  7. Veggie dip – My kids love eating veggies and dip, well maybe I should clarify and say they love carrots and dip. I love the veggie dip from Six Sisters Stuff, but I alter it just slightly. I either double the spices and add a cup of cottage cheese, or simply cut the Greek yogurt in half and add the other half of cottage cheese. Throw it all in a blender, and voila, a slightly cheesy veggie dip the kids will love.
  8. Stew with barley – I stumbled upon this warm delicious stew recipe a while back which included barley. It was so flavourful and the barley added the perfect little touch. I didn’t even realize it was another Happy Money Saver recipe, which is another bonus, as I love all her recipes.
  9. Chili : Who doesn’t love a good warm chili on a cold day? Why not make my delicious chili and add a side dinner rolls that I just listed above?? Perfect combo together. If you love a sweeter chili packed with lots of veggies, this is the one for you!
  10. Oven Crispy Chicken Thighs : Just as the name says, crispy! I am not a huge fan of soggy skin on chicken thighs, most of the time, I just remove the skins, but this recipe is the one to use. It’s perfectly crispy and well flavoured. Add a side of rice and you are good to go!
Top 10 Go-To Recipes
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