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Above the Stairwell Decoration – Family Monogram

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Are you like me and have been staring at a blank wall for a year and a half? Probably not!!! We moved into our house in the fall of 2017 and I have been searching for a simple and quick decorative piece to set above my basement stairs.

I was picky and didn’t want anything too heavy as with 4 kids, 3 of them are boys. Yes, it’s important I state three are boys because they play hard and rough. I wanted a piece that wouldn’t fall and damage the wall or put someone in the hospital!

I thought of putting family photo but our most recent family photo that can be blown up is when we only had 3 kids. Might not be quite fair to Ms. Natalie.

Would a clock be a good decorative piece? Not quite, I tried it but preferred to have it in a different location for a better view of the time. It didn’t help that the clock I bought was too small for the space. I wanted a statement piece.

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Who knew, that a simple wall that is directly above the basement stairs would be such a pain to tie in with the house. I started to think about potentially adding an abstract image as a pop of colour but then what colour would I use? Was there a right pop of colour to use? I didn’t know! I’m terrible at interior designing. I’m the “I see something I like, I copy” person. I’ve never been the creative, make it up on my own type of gal.

To add slight complication to my search, I had to tie in this new decorative piece with the wall next to it which happens to be my living room wall with very extensive built-in shelves. How would I match that design area???????

Then, one day, out of the blue, I found it! I’d always wanted a monograph design for our family, but again, I didn’t know how to design one, or how to simply pick through multiple options. It was overwhelming. When I came across the Canvas Vows site, my answer was there!! I reached out to Canvas Vows and they graciously gifted me this stunning monogram canvas!!! I am in love.

How beautiful is our monogram???? The design was simple, elegant. I loved that I could choose between the dark or the white format. The dark grey fit perfectly with our living room accent wall.

To top it all off, this year, my husband and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary! The monogram was just speaking to me in so many ways. 10 year anniversary, the canvas weighs next to nothing, easy to install and the right accent colour.

I highly recommend Canvas Vows – Last Name Sign Custom Monogram if you are looking to not only decorate your house but to also gift it to someone else. Is someone you know getting married? Or is it their wedding anniversary? This is an ideal gift, it ships quickly, safely and you won’t regret it.

If you are looking for a personalized canvas, they offer a multitude of options such wedding vows on a canvas (if we had written our own, I would have been all over this option, romantic!) or words over photo art.

If you want more ideas, I enjoy following their Instagram account to see their options at @canvasvows. Thank you Canvas Vows!

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