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$150/Week Food Budget – Canada (February)

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February you have come and gone much quicker than January, however you have been just as bitterly cold!!! Oh my goodness, this winter here has been so cold with extreme cold warning and wind warnings. We are very much looking forward to spring weather, or even weather that isn’t dangerous for the kids to play outside.

With the month over, here is our meal plan. I didn’t do so well with budgeting. I set a budget of $150/week and for 4 weeks I should be at $600, and I came to $648 eeeeeekkkkks!!! The point is that I am trying and will continue to try and do better. At least I am working with a budget is what I keep telling myself. 

Current tally for the year:

January – $720 (5 weeks) 

February – $648 (4 weeks)

Total = $1,368 (9 weeks = $152/week average)

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As for trying to reduce my spending, I have created a new YouTube video on quick tips to save money on groceries (How To Save Money On Groceries). Don’t forget to check out my previous blog post about it either: 15 Tips To Save Money on Groceries

Finally, my quick tip before I run into my meal plan is that you could always save a few more dollars by making your own bread. Not sure how to make bread, what about using a bread machine?? I thought about posting about different bread machines, but I found this great site from Village Bakery that provides The Top 20 Best Bread Machines For Your Kitchen!!

February 2019

Week 1

($164 – Grocery Haul & Receipts Instagram Post)

MEALS with Seriously Good Freezer Meals (SGFM) & I Heart Naptime (IHN) & cookbooks

Week 2

($179 – Grocery Haul & ReceiptsInstagram Post)



($140 – Grocery Haul & Receipts Instagram Post)

MEALS with I Heart Naptime cookbook.

Week 4

($165 – Grocery Haul & Receipts Instagram Post)


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