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Cheap Meal Plan – How To Work Through Your Freezer

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Are you searching for ways to reduce your grocery bills? Did you know that as a family of 6 in Canada, I spend on average $140/week on groceries? Some weeks, I spend much less and others at about $150. I budget to be at $150 but always strive to be lower.

15 Tips To Save Money On Groceries

I often hear or read comments that it is impossible to buy groceries for a family at a low price. I say that it is not true. It is very manageable if you meal plan and work on not having an abundance of food, reducing your food waste.

I recently did a video to show how I created a cheap meal plan working through my freezer. My grocery cost was $70, but I did go up to $130 as I stocked up on other items. I didn’t need to stock up, I chose to. I could have continued on just at $70.


Within the video, you will see how I took down my freezer inventory. Kept my meats in separate categories, one for my vegetables, and categorized my baking and miscellaneous.

After my inventory was taken down, I underlined any meats (kitchen freezer) and started to work on my meal plan making sure to use up my most expensive item. The reason I chose to start with my most expensive ingredient was to reduce buying expensive items for the week. I have a lot of meat in my freezers, I do not need to buy anything new for the week. I can choose to spend my grocery budget on other items such as cheese, baking goods or more produce.

If you are interested in my meal plans, check out my Instagram posts at Bonita_Momof4. I also created a blog post on all my meal plans for the month of December here.

What are your inspirations for meal ideas? I love going to the library and check out cookbooks. These are the ones I have checked out of the library for my meal ideas.


Cheap Meal Plan

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