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The Holiday and Life Burnout

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I’m currently sitting in my van at the Walmart parking lot while little miss has a little nap. Don’t want to mess her sleep right????

Anyways, as I am sitting here listening to Christmas music and waiting to go to customer service, I thought I would share my little burnout story.

I don’t know about you, but when Christmas time rolls around I start to feel so grumpy and done with it! I always feel like a grinch. Last year I had this feeling like never before. I was sooooo grumpy and not to mention I was 9 months preggo, which definitely intensified my emotions. I was sooo unhappy and grumpy I had to to quit work a couple of weeks early. I just didn’t want to face people anymore.

This year, I can feel the grumpiness and tiredness coming back. I decided to reach out to a group of moms that I am part of. You know what? I’m not alone. We are in a holiday burnout!

When you read about a Christmas burnout it’s usually from the stress of going to all the Christmas’ concerts, gift buying, meal prepping, baking, Christmas parties and so on and so forth.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE all those activities, shopping and so on. I think my burnout just comes from having sooo many activities on top of it all. Yes, I have 4 kids, so the activities add up. The thing is only the older 2 kids are in a couple things and that’s it. We aren’t even in our worse moments yet. (Not worse, but you know when we will be go go to non stop with all 4 kids doing something)

Here is a quick example, since school has started in September, the boys had swimming lessons Sunday evenings and piano on Wednesday. When October rolled around, hockey season debuted. As the boys no longer played together we had possibly 4 different days of hockey and they would sometimes be in a row.

To add the to the kids stuff, hubby and I both decided to volunteer for our son’s hockey team. It’s a lot of work, rushing home to make it to the rink on time and making sure the hockey schedule is running smoothly. It would have been so easy to not volunteer but it’s so important to do it for the community, for your children and for yourself. Giving back your time.

So hockey 4 nights a week, piano and now enter Tim’s swimming lessons. Don’t forget a birthday party in October followed by other kids birthdays.

November begins and now kids Christmas parties x2 on the same week. I know we could easily just say no to some things but to the kids it’s not busy for them.

It’s busy for ME!! I’m coordinating everyone’s calendar, making sure we have our dr apts booked, we get to the optometrist, dentists, vaccinations and let’s throw in the fact that I’m feeling really crappy and find out I have hyperthyroidism.

Do you see how this is going??? So by the time. December rolls around, the burnout is slowly showing up. Then it’s just not coordinating all the activities, birthdays, recitals or concerts, it’s coordinating all the family Christmas!

I am not writing to complain about having to be at Christmas dinners. I’m not writing as a cry for help to manage the kids or activities. It’s simply to share that I get it. Sometimes it’s just overwhelming and plain old tiring! I know I’m not alone. I’m sharing to say I got this! But, in order to not lose my shit, haha, but seriously, I’m sorry to my family, but this mama will simply not be accommodating for Christmas. The thought of packing everyone in a vehicle and go is just another stressful event for this mama. Packing, figuring out the napping, breastfeeding, making sure gifts all fit. Yup! Life!

To all my extended family I’m sorry if I come across as the Christmas grinch…this mama is just plain old tired. I really don’t mind everyone coming to me, as I can still keep my laundry somewhat afloat and sleep in my bed where I am still interrupted every 3-4 hours.

So to all the tired moms and dads out there I get it! Slow down and figured out what will work for you and your family over the holidays. For example, I make it a priority that we, as a family, are home for Christmas Day. As the kids get older and the activities increase we may take a break for Christmas and just have a holiday at the mountains or do something as such. Right now, being home during the break is what I want and need. A break! I’ve given myself permission to slow down and not feel guilty.

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