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Christmas Gifts For Younger Boys

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Is it just me or is it hard to buy gifts for boys?? It’s always the same typical things, superhero, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Legos or a game console with multiple game choices. Pretty sure my boys don’t even know what to ask for any more. But, guess what, I’ve been paying attention and started jotting down a list of ideas this summer. I am actually on the ball this year, just haven’t purchased anything yet. The best part about this list?? I can share it with others who are wondering what they want for Christmas.

The kids don’t even know they want these items but let be clear, just because I made a list, it doesn’t mean they are getting everything.

So what is on my list for my 6 & 7-year-old boys???


This summer, we were at my mom’s house and the boys found a set of walkie-talkies, they played outside and inside the house for the whole day. They loved them. They played with them until the batteries had to be recharged. I can just see the boys playing with them all summer with their friends. It is simple, but it allows many hours of fun for boys and even girls. I don’t want to get a cheap set where the batteries do not last. I want to get something good where they can play for hours because that is what will happen.


I’m not talking about the real things here, but I found a super cheap set at Dollarama. The end of the arrow was to suction on items. They loved it, but they were cheap and the string on the bow wasn’t very good. I want to find another set with a similar arrow but with a more durable bow. Add a few targets in the basement and the entertainment is endless.


This one is pretty neat, I was on Instagram and a Wayfair ad came up. Sometimes I can’t help myself and I click on those ads. If you have a trampoline, this little clubhouse cover turns into a jumping playhouse. It comes with a little door and windows. You just slide it over your trampoline netting. Obviously, you would want to be careful on hot days, but otherwise, it’s all fun and play.

14' Trampoline Club House Cover

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With all the technology today, my boys still like the idea of getting to wear a watch. There are so many options out there with different fronts. You can get them a spider man watch, Disney etc. Multiple options available and you can find them to be very inexpensive.

Or, you could go out to Costco and find this super cool watch VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch for CAD $49.99. Comes with a selfie camera, side camera. They can capture many images, then play games with their customized clock faces. I had to buy 2 so each could have one…..otherwise I see fights. It is also available on Amazon for a similar price.


With the blockbuster movies this spring and winter, why not get them the following movies:


My boys love cars going on tracks, but how many times did the cars fly off the track????? So many!! I recently got suckered by a tv commercial by Zoom Tubes. Man, I am a sucker for ads, but this one was neat. The boys and I were watching as the cars were going on a track, but only the track were tubes. How smart!! After that commercial, I, of course, had to add it to my notes of gift ideas.


Maybe you don’t love the ideas of gifts for your kids, and rather experiences. I came across Kiwico where it’s a monthly subscription box of items for kids. The boxes range from 0-36 months all the way to 9-16 years of age. All full of science, engineering, art, exploring & learning boxes and more!

Kiwi Crate Save 30% On Your First Month with code SHARE30


I’ve seen a few books out there that will add the child’s name in the story, but Wonderbly unique and neat. Not only does it include the name, but you can also create a little personal avatar to go with it. Then, you choose a universe to explore and that is where you search and find items. My boys looooove Where’s Waldo, so this book is Where are you? Love this concept!!


Ok, I realize that this idea doesn’t seem that cool or unique, but I do find sweaters are not cheap. I like buying a good quality sweater because it will make its way through all 3 boys. My boys love it when I can find a cool sweater with Star Wars on them, or something scary. I like to give them all a new sweater for Christmas morning.



Now, to end, if you are looking for stocking stuffers ideas, here are some quick ideas:

  • Toothbrush
  • Socks
  • Slippers
  • Underwear
  • Sporting needs (example, hockey tape, new water bottle)
  • Books
  • Cards (example, UNO)
  • Mitts (because how many pairs have gone missing so far??????)
  • Flashlight
  • Nerf bullets (in our house they go missing like my bobby pins)
  • Slinky
  • Rubik’s Cube
  • Earphones
  • Pokemon or Hockey cards

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