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I’ve been trying to find time to write this damn post because, no joke, this is the most important blog post you want to read if you are constantly dealing with stained clothes!!

Why am I procrastinating so much?? Well, I received the notification that Ozark season 2 was available…I binged watched it, so flipping good! Then, my playdate last week told me to watch Animal Kingdom! Well frick, that’s show is amazing too!! To top it all off, school has started, which means the germs are circulating. Both my husband and I got sick, then Natalie started teething again, so sleeping sucks. Yup, its fun.

Anyways, talk about getting side track. You are here because you want to know what secret I have discovered right? How do I get those poop explosion stains out of the white clothes?? Or how do I get them ridiculously stubborn grass stains out of baseball pants???

Well, I can tell you to throw away that junky oxi-clean again remover as well as that Clorox one. In fact, throw all your stain removers out! They don’t work, they just weaken the material. But, to be completely transparent, it’s not the holy grail of stain removers. I still have stubborn stains that I can’t remove, but at least now I have saved a few pieces of clothing. I don’t have to give up on all of them.

Buncha Farmer’s stain remover!!!! This is the magic stick! I’m not kidding. I love it and it works!! I’ve had soooo many poop explosions this year. Every time, I would put Natalie in the car seat, I knew I was going to have a surprise to clean up. I soaked so many outfits, used many different crappy stain remover brands. Some worked a little bit, but just barely.


I got so frustrated, especially when she was wearing a lovely dress….and well you know what would happen. I started googling “what’s the best stain remover?” Of course, I saw all the brand pages, but I wanted reviews. That’s when I discovered a forum where a few moms said to try the Buncha Farmer’s stick!

You guys! It worked!! Like legit worked!! It basically rubs onto the clothes like a soap stick. I poured hot water on the stain, got the stick wet, and rubbed the stain. I washed it with the rest of the clothes and voila.


I had a really stubborn stain on a pair of jeans. I don’t know what my son got on it, permanent marker?? Possibly? I ended up using the stick twice. Went through the wash twice. And it came out….I actually thought that these jeans were going to stay stained!!


This CANADIAN product is all natural, biodegradable and available in every province and territory, PLUS 12-15 states in USA! I just buy mine on Amazon. I heard it’s available at Lowes, and natural product stores, but I don’t have time to go out running to stores I never go to just for a stain remover!


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    1. If I can save just a few pieces of clothing, that’s winning to me. I had so many stains.

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