I Like To Sweat! No More Aluminum

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3 years ago I decided to ditch my antiperspirant. I was that person that kept saying ” I don’t really sweat when I work out hard or do sports??” Bonita, that’s not normal!! You should be sweating. I knew it wasn’t normal to say that. How can I not be sweating?? Why was my body not shedding heat from my armpits anymore?

Turns out, my sweat gland pores were clogged. So clogged that I was getting rashes, ingrown hairs and began to get pain in my armpits. This wasn’t ok, and I needed to change up my routine. My pores were clogged with all the antiperspirant aluminum. Why was I adding this crap to my armpits on daily basis?

I remember being happy that I wasn’t sweating. I didn’t have to worry about the sweat stains or looking super wet and sweaty, but that all changed. I was enjoying the no sweat problems for vanity, but it wasn’t ok or normal.

Every antiperspirant I was using had aluminum. Aluminum was clogging my pores and causing me to have armpit issues. So I ditched all my antiperspirant deodorants and took action. That was it, I was done with that junk.

I decided to go shopping and find myself a new deodorant….well that wasn’t easy. Apparently, drugstores and grocery stores really like to sell you the antiperspirant crap! It’s everywhere. I was reading every label, looking for one that didn’t have aluminum. I finally found a brand, I believe at the time it was Dove (I made the switch 3 years ago, I’m already forgetting).

When I first started the switch from antiperspirant to regular deodorant, I went through sort of a detox phase. As I started to sweat again, my body was releasing all the lovely toxins. I stunk during this process. It’s been years since I let my body sweat naturally from my armpits, it needed to get the junk out. This process didn’t last super long. In fact, I don’t really remember smelling that much, but I was probably just immune to my lovely scent. I’m sure my coworkers felt different, but it had to be done.

When I purchased the deodorant at the time, it smelled good and went on perfectly. I had bought 2, and it lasted just like any other brands I had used. When I was out, I could NOT find it again. I searched the stores, I searched Amazon, I even searched the brand itself. It was as though, the brand stopped making it. I was disappointed. I had to restart my research process once again to find a good deodorant.

Sure, I could use the essential oils type where you make your own deodorant but is not my type. I don’t want to apply the product with my fingers. No thanks! I want something simple and easy.

If you follow Jillian Harris on Instagram, she posted on how she decided to do the same, and get rid of the junk antiperspirant deodorant as well. I read her blog hoping to find a good recommendation, and to be honest, she only tried 3 brands. Meh. I wasn’t wowed. One brand, K’pure, you have to make your own and apply it with your hands. Another brand she chose to try is made in Vancouver that is made with natural ingredients called Nala, it’s out of stock and I have no idea what the price is or if they charge shipping. The final brand she spoke of was with Sage and it was a spray.

All in all, all three brands are not going to work with me. 1 – spray or finger application is a no for me. 2 – out of stock, no price or shipping. 3 – I can’t rely on the brand.

So what am I using? Well, maybe it doesn’t contain all natural ingredients, but you know what, it doesn’t contain aluminum. That’s a big step. I am currently using Soft & Dri and I love how it glides, doesn’t leave any marks and smells fresh. I found it at Superstore under $3.

In the past I have tried different ones but here are my thoughts:

1. Native deodorant – American company which means exchange rate plus shipping. I bought their little tester pack and only liked one scent. Found most of them to smell manly. However, I did just find it on Amazon as well…so maybe I could give it another chance one day. As the product glides on well, and I could try different scents available on Amazon.

2. Tom’s of Maine – I didn’t mind this one, I just didn’t like that I couldn’t find it in store. I only found it Amazon. I mean, I would still buy it, but not necessarily every time.

If anyone else has any recommendations let me know. My request is that it must apply like regular deodorant, not by hand or spray. It also has to be decently priced. Nothing over $10, man even over $5. Yup, let’s keep it cheap.

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6 thoughts on “I Like To Sweat! No More Aluminum

  1. Check out routine. It is finger application but their reasoning why finger is better then a stick I found quiet interesting and worthy of a shot
    1. Thank you for the recommendation! I have to start a list with with all different brands to try
  2. I gotta say that the title of your post got my attention! I learned so much! I use Dove and love it! I’ll have to read the label though. Thanks!

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