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Fall & Winter Freezer Meals

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As you all know, I  LOOOVE stocking my freezer with freezer meals, especially with the start of school year, and all the kid’s activities. Even though I am home on maternity leave, I want to make a few meals ahead of time. This is my way of testing recipes, meal plans and practicing my meal prepping before I head back to work next year.

With that, I thought I would share my experience with the site Once A Month Meals with you all. I started to go through their site to look for freezer recipes, meal plans, and meal preps. Let me tell you, I am NOT disappointed.

Once A Month Meals has over 8,000 recipes!!!!! Yes, that does seem very overwhelming, BUT, thankfully you can select menu plans. What do I mean by meal plans? They have a variety of different types of foods, such as diet, keto or traditional. I even signed up to receive their emails and I love what I am receiving so far. For example, I have received an email with 9 Fall Inspired Mini Menus with the following themes: instant pot, honey inspired theme, apple treats, fall lunchbox and slow cooker.

Once A Month Meals

Yesterday, I decided to do a mini meal prep marathon. I couldn’t do a large prep as I had a sick baby. I logged in and selected my recipes. It was straightforward to filter my recipes. I just selected my menu type (traditional), followed by the menu plan I wanted to attempt. It was very user-friendly and I received many options.

I selected the Fall Traditional Freezer Menu Volume 25 and it contained 15 dinners. I customized it to serve 6 people. Examples of recipes are Apple Pie Pork Chops, Easy Turkey Meatloaf, Slow Cooker White Chili and Rosemary Apple Chicken.

The menu plan was perfect, it gave you a shopping list, a chopping list (yes, what to chop for prepping), the recipes, the thawing instructions and freezer labels. Super simple. The only flaw that I had seen was the shopping list. Instead of having the items listed as 1 can of x or 2 cups of y, it was either in kg or ounces. I just ignored the shopping list and look straight at the recipes for my list of ingredients.

I really enjoyed the menu plan and thought it was easy to follow. It gave great freezer instructions and how to separate your ingredients in the proper bag sizes. Next time, I will have to buy freezer labels so that I can have the instructions printed and I wouldn’t have to write anything on my bags or baking dishes.

Today, I am looking at all the baby/toddler recipes. As my two older boys are in school, I want to switch it up for my two little ones. Can’t wait to start trying to recipes.

If you are interested in the plans, check them out. Remember, they have over 8,000 recipes. I chose to look at the menu plans (800 options) to keep it simple and less overwhelming. The menu types available are:

  1. Allergen
  2. Baby
  3. Diet
  4. Gluten Free
  5. Mini
  6. Paleo
  7. Traditional
  8. Vegetarian
  9. Real Food
  10. Instant Pot
  11. Slow Cooker
  12. Keto


Fall & Winter Freezer Meals

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