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Why I Love My Baby Carrier – Omni 360

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Omni 360 Carrier

Full disclosure, I did receive this as a gift from Ergobaby. However, I chose to accept this gift because I love the Ergobaby brand. I was super excited to try out the new carrier and provide my review. Don’t forget to check out my previous post 6 Baby Products I Can’t Live Without to see how I used my other Ergobaby baby carrier.

Let’s talk about the new Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh BabyCcarrier. First of all, baby carriers are super convenient when a stroller just doesn’t work. For example, this past week, when we were at the cabin, I took my baby for a walk to the beach to go sit and watch the waves. I didn’t want to take the stroller in the sand or go down the hill full of rocks with it. I needed my carrier to have a pleasant walk and get up close to the water. Well, the Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh carrier was perfect for a gorgeous morning walk to bond with Natalie.

Ergobaby - Omni 360
Seriously? Does it get any better than this? So calming!

Not only was the baby carrier practical when we were at the cabin, but while we were on vacation, we decided to drive out to another city to do a “daycation”. My poor baby Natalie was dragged to various locations. She was in her car seat for the 2-hour drive up to the city, then we pushed her in a stroller for 1/2 the day. She was so sick of being in a seat.  Having the baby carrier to switch it up for her was perfect. She got to snuggle up to me and have a nap instead of staying in her car seat or stroller for the full day.

Not to going to lie, the baby carrier is also beneficial for me. I don’t know how many times I kissed the top of her little head. I just can’t help it. I love holding her close to me because I know how quickly she will grow up.

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Finally, yes we headed out to the cabin, we did our “daycation” but guess what else we did?? Landscaping our yard. I know you are super jealous! Ha! Ok, maybe not. I don’t do much of the landscaping because I am busy chasing the toddler. My two older boys are fine, but the 2-year old, who is living up to the terrible twos, is a handful outside. He never stays in the same place. Paces from the backyard to the front yard, and then over to the neighbour’s yard. I have to chase him with my little baby Natalie. Carrying her in my arms does not last long. My back starts to hurt, followed by arm cramps. It’s just not doable. That’s when I strap her in the Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier and walk around following Tim. So much better on my back, plus Tim gets to play outside longer.

Ergobaby - Omni 360 chasing toddler

Now, if you are curious as to why I love this carrier so much, I wrote up my little quick review on the 10 features I appreciate the most. Again, I want to say that yes, I was gifted this baby carrier, but I would never recommend something I didn’t 100% believe in. I guarantee you will love this carrier too!

#1 – All Positions

This carrier allows you to carry your baby in multiple positions. You can have the baby facing forward, towards you, on your hip, or on your back. I love how it has so many options to carry your child. If you are going to be using it for an extended period of time, switching up the positions will help adjust the weight and feel more comfortable for a longer period of time. Not going to lie, I was a bit nervous on how to use it in different positions, but Ergobaby has a facebook page where you can receive hands-on help from their Babywearing Educator.

#2 – Newborn to Toddler

I love that this carrier allows you to put a newborn (minimum 7 lbs) straight in the carrier without an insert, the Ergobaby carrier I purchased 2 years ago requires a small insert. I prefer not needing one as it’s much easier to put on with the baby. Super simple and no need to worry about adding more pieces to make sure the baby is sitting correctly. This carrier is great to grow with your baby as they transition into a toddler as the maximum weight is 45 lbs.

#3 – Super Adjustable

The velcro feature within the carrier allows you to size it according to your growing baby. This section makes it very easy to change the width of the legs in a quick snap. It even provides the guideline with colours, so simple and straightforward.

Another feature I really enjoy is the adjustable sliding tabs. These tabs are located on the front of the carrier. You can slide them depending on how the baby is facing, if they are facing you, you move them outwards to give more bum space for baby to sit. If the baby is facing out, you slide the tabs in to provide the baby with more leg space. At first, I thought the tabs weren’t sitting in the right spot, but it turned out to be a user error. When my baby was facing me, I didn’t spread the fabric enough to cover her bum correctly, therefore the tab kept sliding up. I quickly adjusted the fabric, and the tab never moved again.

#4 – Hip Support

I am not super tall, I’m 5’8:”, but my torso is long. This means I tend to have a sore back. When it comes to a carrier, I need good hip/back support. Otherwise, I will be spending more time at the chiropractor. The Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh carrier has an excellent hip strap for astounding support. Yes, I will still get a sore back after carrier my baby, but only after I have been walking for over an hour.

#5 – Price Range

Alright, let me save you from making the same mistake I made. When I had first born, I ended up buying a baby carrier for under $100. It sucked! I had zero back support and it pulled straight from my shoulders. I never used it, and my son didn’t like being in it. It was super clumsy to put on and it barely gave any bum support for the baby. You get the point, don’t buy super cheap!!

However, Ergobaby may be slightly higher priced, but it’s still cheaper than other brands. I love the price range. Yes, it is over $100, but honestly, both you and baby will love it. I say I love the price range, even though its above $100 because the quality is there. I use my carrier all the time, and I love that it grows with the baby. With this carrier, you get wayyyy more for the price which makes it seem inexpensive.

Which Baby Carrier is Right for You? Compare at Ergobaby.#6 – Cool Air Mesh Fabric

The fabric on the Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh carrier was well designed. The middle back of the carrier is made with mesh fabric which allows better airflow to keep both baby and mom cool. I would say, this is a perfect carrier for those hot climates or hot summers. I didn’t feel as though my baby girl was overheating with both my body heat and the carrier.

#7 – Breastfeeding

Yes, you can breastfeed in this carrier. I attempted while we were walking around in a museum and asked my husband if it was obvious that I was feeding her. He said you couldn’t really tell. The only problem I had with nursing my baby is that she didn’t like feeding that way. She is too used to being fed laying on her side, but if you are in a crunch, it’s possible.

Turns out, I was doing it incorrectly. Check the Ergobaby Instagram photo on how breastfeeding can be done. I will be trying it out soon myself.

#8 – Privacy Hood

When my daughter fell asleep on my chest while we were tourists, I quickly pulled the privacy hood over her head to keep it dark. It wasn’t too hot, it didn’t cover her face, it was like having a light blanket above head to provide shade/darkness. The hood material was similar material to a wind jacket. If you are outside on a windy day, this hood would be perfect to cover and protect your baby.

#9 – Detachable Pouch

When I use my original baby carrier, I’m always thinking, man it would be really convenient to have a place to put my phone, car keys or even a debit card/cash. I always have to make sure to have pockets, because when I use my carrier, I don’t bring a purse with me. When I received my Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier, it came with a detachable pouch. I am not kidding you, I was so happy! I finally had a spot to put all my small nick nacks! Make sure to add the pouch to your purchase, you won’t regret it.

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#10 – Safety Clips

On my original baby carrier, I loved that when you clip your straps, there was a little safety elastic to hold it in place in case you accidentally unclipped your strap. It’s a little safety feature. On the Omni 360, they added an extra safety feature. Not only do they have the elastic, but they also made the clip slightly harder to open. You need to hands to do it. One hand to hold a small flap up, and the other to pinch the clasp open. I was slightly annoyed with this part because it’s an extra hand, but I rather it be annoying for safety.

Ok, are you ready to buy it?? Yes, yes you are! Honestly, I love this carrier, but I also love my original one too. You can’t go wrong with the Ergobaby baby carriers. Many comfort features as well as extra safety features.

Bundle & SAVE!!!

When purchasing this fantastic carrier, don’t forget to bundle your items, that way you can save up to 30%!!!! Now, up to 30% is pretty amazing, it’s pretty much getting an accessory or two for free!

Newborn Baby Bundle

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