Summer Break

Another School Year Has Ended

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Summertime! It’s here, but wait a minute, the boys are done school already?!?!?!?! How is that another school year has already passed? I swear, they were just starting the school year, and here we are, at home, hanging outside as the summer break has started.

It’s amazing how much change will happen in one school year, the change isn’t just seen with the two schoolboys, but with the rest of the family. My husband added a post to Instagram stating lot changes in a year, and it really does. When we look back on the first school day, Tim had just turned one. Fast forward, to the end of school year, he is a raging busy toddler. This kid talks non stop and loves to throw the NO word at me all day long! Seriously, how does one make him stop?

This past school year, we added our little baby girl, and she is 5 months old too. I still remember those dreadful long 10 days past my due date. I was such a grump, sleep deprived of insomnia (I slept less when I was pregnant than after she was born), and super uncomfortable. Knowing her birth weight, kind of makes sense as to why I was so miserable.

Today, I get to spend the summer with my boys and baby. I am going to cherish it to the max because this will be my last time. Next summer, I will only have a couple of weeks before I head back to work. I really want to enjoy this time with them and absorb the craziness. I will never get this back.

What do I have planned for the summer? I have the boys placed in 2 summer camps here in town. I am hoping they get to meet more children here and make community friends. I also decided to put them in a class of outdoor swimming lessons. They’ve always done them indoors, so I thought, let’s change it up a little bit.

Other than that, nothing more specifically planned. Here is hoping we complete our landscaping project. It’s crazy how distracted we get with the kids when we try to complete a task. We start something, then have to stop, then start, then stop. Eventually, we do complete our task, it just takes much longer.

We did buy them a trampoline and hoping to have its set-up soon. This should be a great way to burn some energy. They loved our old one at our other house, we just sold it with the house.

Lastly, there was a good online sale, which prompted me to buy the boys roller blades. I thought they would struggle with them in the beginning, nope, they caught on right away. I guess they developed good balance from a few years of playing hockey.

Well as I type this, I can already tell that the summer is going to fly by. It always does. Just going to soak up all the sun as much as we can before the long winter comes back.

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