When Leaving The House is Hard

When Leaving the House is Hard

We have reached the 4-month milestone and I finally feel like we can come out of isolation. Not saying that the last 4 months were really hard but they weren’t super easy either.

When Natalie was born, getting out of the house for the first 3 weeks wasn’t bad because as a newborn she just slept the whole time, however, I just had a baby, so I  didn’t want to get out.

Then around 3-4 weeks old, she started to show signs of hating her car seat. I never had that with the other 3 kids. I heard of parents having to deal with that, and I could now understand their pain. I couldn’t even take her for a 10-minute drive without a major crying session. That is when we became hermits.

I am so thankful that last year a couple of grocery stores started to offer a “click and collect” program where I could order my groceries from either my computer or an app on my phone. Then I would drive to the location and pick up my items. They would even deliver the groceries to my van. This was life-saving with Natalie. She could cry as much as she wanted, and no one would know as we didn’t need to leave the vehicle.

I’m not sure what I would have done if this service didn’t exist. I did do a couple of grocery trips inside the store, and it was a pain in the ass. She would get so upset, I would have to carry her. Using a carrier wasn’t quite the solution as it was mid-winter. I was not about to take her out of the car seat and put her in the carrier in -30 degree Celsius. No thank you!

I can say that this week I have seen a change. She doesn’t seem to mind the car seat as much anymore unless it’s a long trip, but that is understandable. I have left the house every single day. I love that we can leave and not worry about her crying. It makes such a difference to be able to get out and run errands, especially when it is so nice out!!

Now, I shouldn’t put all the blame on Natalie for making it hard to leave the house, little Timmy is busy!!!!! I don’t know how many times I have heard the following “Oh, he is a busy boy”, “Wow, he doesn’t stop, he just keeps going and going”.

I enjoy his sense of curiosity, but I didn’t enjoy it when we would be out and about and he decided to run away. Sure, I could use the double stroller, but that’s not always easy and convenient when you have a quick trip to do. When trying to go in and out of a store quickly, setting up a stroller, getting him and out took more time than going to the store. I just had to learn to deal with his craziness and always, I mean ALWAYS, keep an eye on him.

This week, I decided to venture outdoors and see geese, ducks and a swan. It was ok until I realized the geese were super aggressive (I realized later that they had little ones around, so that was not great). Tim was so excited to see them and kept trying to run after them, and I was trying to use this as a teaching moment and telling him no no no! He didn’t get attacked, but man oh man, he was quickly buckled back into the stroller.

Watching the geese

Tim & Mom selfie

It will be easier once he understands that there are consequences to being bad, but right now, he is pretty much the boss and everything is NO to me. Such a character. I love him, but he is definitely giving me a few extra age lines on my face that is for sure. I remember thinking Scott was super busy, nope! Scott was calm compared to Tim. Oh well, that is part of his personality and his growth. Can’t all be the same and easy, otherwise, this wouldn’t be parenting. Am I right??

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