My eBook Project – Meal Planning

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My eBook Project - Meal Planning

I have been a bit quiet on here lately. How can you blame me? Spring weather has hit, and it has been gorgeous outside. We love playing outdoors, especially after what felt like a very long winter. We needed out of the house.

The boys are either on their bikes all the time, riding on our quiet street, playing with their new friends over at the neighbours, or playing with water. We love living in our new area, as it is much quieter and the kids are all playing together. It’s a great feeling.


I may have been quiet with my blog posts, but I did start writing on about how I meal prep and do freezer meals. As I began to write, I kept getting more and more ideas of things I wanted to bring up. I even get the ideas before I go to bed, so I had to start taking notes.

Apparently, I am passionate about this topic, but I don’t know when I will complete it. I want to make sure it’s done right, might take time, especially if it’s always so beautiful out. I shouldn’t say it’s super long but definitely longer than my blog posts. This makes me think that I will be turning it into an eBook soon. Definitely, more work and has turned into a small little project for me. I enjoy it though.

What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in reading about how I meal plan/prep for my household of 6 and do freezer meals? Love to hear your comments, questions or anything you would love to see in it.


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