Baseball Photos! We made it…barely

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have heard of my little super mom story. I don’t like to say that I am a super mom because I have 4 kids. All moms are super moms, it’s the way we handle situations that make us super, not the number of children.

Anyways, this week, Scott had baseball pictures scheduled, and Dave had a supper event to go to. I didn’t really think it would be a big deal to bring all kids with me to get his photos done. It would be quick, and in no time, we would back home.

The kids got home after school, and I was making supper, a good old macaroni and cheese. As I was putting their supper in their bowls, I thought I would check the time for photos quickly. I was sure we still have 45 minutes before it started. I glanced at the text the coach sent and instantly went into panic mode. I was wrong, we didn’t have 45 minutes, we only had 18 minutes to be at the location.

At that very moment, I went into let’s get shit organized asap and out the door. I told Jeremy and Scott we had to leave right away and I needed their help to not be super late. I told Jeremy to get himself ready, and then help Tim to put his shoes and sweater on.

I looked over at Scott and realized he still needed to get dressed up in his baseball uniform. He ran to his room and got dressed. Then I grabbed the three bowls of macaroni, got Natalie in the car seat, got my flip flops on and we all headed out the door.

We had to run down the street as we couldn’t drive on our driveway (it had just gotten power washed to get sealed). At that moment, I was carrying the car seat with Natalie and holding Tims hand to walk across the yard in the dirt. Tim was so upset as he had seen the bowls of supper and wanted to eat. So here I am, almost dragging him to the van, he is crying/yelling as he was hungry. Then I looked over, and my neighbour was fertilizing her grass, witnessing our chaos. I was actually kind of laughing at the situation as I was wondering what must have been going through her head.

We got everyone loaded into the van, then I realized we forgot Scott’s baseball hat. I quickly ran back to the house then back to the van. Do you know how crappy it is to run fast in flip-flops??? I must have looked ridiculous.

Finally, we were on our way. The good part of the story is that the location was in another town which is less than 10 minutes away. We made it there being only 4 minutes late! To me, that was a success. We weren’t even the last ones to arrive.

All in all, this story was to say, yes it was slight chaos, but organized chaos. The boys understood the situation, and each helped me to reduce the stress.  I sure was sweaty, but only because I had to run and got my heart pumping super fast! That’s just a side effect of being a super mom ha!

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