When I paused and took a moment

When I Paused And Took A Moment

We have now hit the 3-month milestone for our little Natalie, and I have already started to pack away all her 0-6 months clothing. It’s a bittersweet moment as I realize she is quickly growing like a weed. My baby won’t be a baby for much longer. It’s hard to say goodbye to all the last milestones, but you have to recognize them and make them special.

Not only was I packing up her clothing, but I started to clean out Tims clothes too as he is starting to grow and will soon be two. He is such a funny boy. Always trying to make us laugh by doing something ridiculous or always chatting up a story. The vocabulary he has at his age is remarkable. He just impresses me all the time. Where are my babies going???

So, with the growing of my two little ones, last week I felt the need to hit a pause button.

I don’t mean a pause on my little baby, but a pause for my growing boys. This past year has flown by. A year ago, we started to plan our new house build, fast forward a few weeks and I found out I was pregnant. Pregnant, breastfeeding and planning a house, my brain was in overdrive.

Fast forward a few more months, our house sold,  we packed up the old house and moved into the new house. Then a short few months later, a brand new beautiful baby girl joined our family.

I would say that this past year qualifies as our craziest year. It really was an exciting and joyful year, but last week, I just looked at the boys and realized they grew up. I mean, I felt a huge shift in Jeremy in the past week. It’s slightly sad because I no longer see a little boy, but rather a young kid starting to be very inquisitive about the world, leaning and playing more grown-up games. He turned 7, and I just felt the switch in him.

He put on his ball cap to go to school and I had to do a double take. I believed I just saw him a different light. My little boy looked so grown up. I am not kidding, it’s making me teary-eyed writing about it. Not because I am sad, but I am proud to see him grow. It just caught me off guard.

We’ve been busy with adding a baby to the mix of the family, and I feel as though I haven’t been as present with my boys. When those emotions flooded me, I stopped and paused. He was about to walk outside to wait for his ride for school and I said woah, Jeremy, with that hat, you look so grown up. Just give me a minute, I need to capture this. I took his picture and he was proud to show me his smile and his new hat.

I even texted Dave shortly after and told him how he looked so much older all of sudden. I just needed to pause because time was moving quickly for me.

Not only was I noticing Jeremy growing up, I also took the time to look at my little Scott. Man, that kid has a heart.

My two first boys are growing and I love seeing them develop and learn new skills. When I look at the picture below, I feel my heart grow another inch. They are the cutest and sweetest boys.

Those who know Scott, know that he has a huge heart. This kid can show love over and over to his little brother and sister. He is constantly showering them with kisses and hugs. He truly loves them to pieces.

One night, as they were winding down before bedtime, they were colouring at the table. Dave told Scott to go brush his teeth, but Scott was adamant that he had to finish his colouring because it was a gift for Natalie. When he completed it, he came and showed it to me all proudly. I told him he did a great job and that Natalie would love it (she was sleeping and couldn’t see it ha). Scott then went off to bed.

An hour later or so, I walked Natalie to my room to put her in the bassinet. It was pitched dark, and when I laid her down, I heard paper. I was wondering why there was a piece of paper under her. I brought it out to the living room and saw that it was the image Scott coloured for her. He wanted to make sure she got it. Seriously, could he be any sweeter??

I don’t know if it’s this spring weather or if it’s all my darn Facebook memories that keep showing up and making me see how small my boys once were, but this past week, I just felt very proud of my kids and realized that time is moving fast. We don’t always have time to pause, but I made it intentional to do so. I needed it for me and I’m sure for the boys. I know, I am still not 100% present for them yet as it’s still challenging with the baby, but I am doing the best I can.

Here is my reminder to others who may feel slightly overwhelmed at times, just take a few minutes to reflect on your kids. Yes, we are always thinking of them, but take a moment, look back and see how they’re growing into their beautiful personalities. Before you know it, we will blink and they will have blossomed into adults.

With that, I leave you with this image/quote I saw on Instagram:


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