Kids Arts & Crafts : Painting and Tubes

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Good old Pinterest inspired us to save all our paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls to do an art project. It was lots of fun, and all boys wanted to do their part. Here was our little craft adventure.

What you need:

– cardboard

– a bunch of toilet paper and paper towel rolls

– glue gun

– paint and brushes

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Again, I recommend this non-toxic paint on Amazon. It cleans up with water, and if your kids are like mine, they may try and eat the paintbrush (see the video at the end of the blog.)

Jack Richeson 288628 Non-Toxic Tempera Paint Block Set with Tray

Step 1 – Find a large piece of cardboard and paint

If we aren’t using diaper boxes to store clothes, we have them to play or to do a craft. This little guy was pretty excited to paint freely, especially without his shirt, that way he could paint his belly too.

Step 2 – Paint all the toilet paper and paper towel rolls.

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Step 3 – Glue the rolls to your cardboard wall.

I used a glue gun to glue them all on, but it was still pretty easy for Tim to pull them off. It became a game for him after to just rip it all apart. Nothing can stay instant for long with my kids.

Check out the little video for fun

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  1. Looks like I need to collect some toilet paper and paper towel rolls. This is exactly the kind of messy, fun craft my little girls love!

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