Sleeping Still Sucks!

Sleeping Still SucksRemember when I wrote the blog post Sleeping Sucks??? Well, guess what? A year later, and it still sucks! Ugh, hair pulling annoying sucks.

Now, let me tell you, it doesn’t suck because I have a toddler and a baby, it’s still with the two older boys. Now 7 and 5, if we put them to bed together at night, it’s still a slumber party. Seriously, every time!

It’s actually really funny how much those two still find ways to try and have fun when it’s bedtime. I remember when I was young and would go to a friends house for a sleepover. We would talk for hours at bedtime. It was fun to chat and giggle. It was almost a challenge to see how late we could stay up before falling asleep.

Well, fast forward, with my boys, it’s like a sleepover for them together, but every s-i-n-g-l-e night. It does show me how much those they love each other and how they are each other’s best friend. They will grow up forever fighting and loving.

I just wish, that after 2 years of sharing a room, this phase would blow over? Am I wishing time to move faster? Absolutely not, just wishing that bedtime didn’t equal let’s wrestle in bed and play around on the bunk stairs.

Right now, the only way we make it work is by separating them at bedtime. Every night, they take a turn where one will go in our bed to fall asleep. Then, when we go to bed, we move the one in our room back to their bedroom. Seems ridiculous right? That’s because it is!

This is currently working for us but, my little baby is growing too. Sure she sleeps in my arms and bassinet, but that won’t last much longer. We are getting closer to having to switch Tim out of the crib and into a toddler bed and have her sleep in the crib.

That switch will be fun too I’m sure!! I can already see Tim finding the joys of being able to get out of his bed and running to the door and opening it a 100 times. I can already hear his giggling. Sigh.

We do have the ability to add two more bedrooms in our unfinished basement, but let’s be real. A baby, a yard to landscape and finish and then add a basement project? Sounds like a lot of work and stress. Better to just start small.

My one friend did tell me that when she grew up, her and two sisters slept in the same room. So, we could attempt having the 3 boys all in one room until we tackle the basement, but man oh man, we can’t even make it work with 2! How will it work with 3? Maybe we should be putting the baby with the oldest and the two middle guys in one room? Or maybe I need to re-arrange our bedroom and put the crib there? Then I put the toddler and one of the boys together? But which boy? That will cause a fight too? Probably have to take turns. How was it for you to have a baby and a child together? Did the baby impact their sleep? So many questions!

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