How I Organized My Kids Documents And Pictures

I’m not the most organized person, but lately, I have found myself trying to get things more accessible. With 4 kids, we have quadruple copies of everything. We keep the essential documents tucked away in a safe spot, but for everything else, it’s becoming a big cluster of documents to filter through.

When we register the boys for an activity such as swimming lessons, I have to search through our files in the filing cabinet for their report cards. This isn’t a big deal, but it becomes annoying when I have to search for different papers all the time.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and went to Michaels. I needed to figure out how to organize all their documents and pictures separately. That’s when I found these beautiful binders.

Photo Books – 5 Steps To Organize Your Photos


Now listen, I am not creative or have any talent when it comes to scrapbooking. I don’t have the patience to make them pretty. However, I applaud those who do. You guys amaze me. So, with zero creative talent, I took these binders and found a way to make them work.

I use each sheet to put their report cards, birth announcements, Christmas cards, ultrasound pictures, sports pictures, school pictures, and so on.

Arts & Crafts: Painting With Pucks

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I love how it turned out. I have a binder for each child, and it’s very accessible to find any document. I can keep adding more filler pages as they get older, and I can buy additional binders.

This method has helped this unorganized/untalented mama tremendously. I feel as though I have my shit together for a moment.

These were the binders I used from Michaels. Look through their design as some are on sale/clearance.

Or if you are an Amazon lover like myself, you can find them at the link below. These books would be similar to the ones I found at Michaels.

Project Life 12×12 Blush Dot Designer Scrapbook Album


  1. This is such an awesome idea, and I love that you can organize by kid and add pages. Do you have an issue with things falling out ever? We have kept a briefcase with file holders inside, (one for each kid). I like your idea for documents, and also possible as a way to store sentimental things like artwork, notes, and other pieces that don’t quite make the “birth certificate/immunizations/other category. Thanks for the great pics and ideas.


    1. It can definitely slide out from the top, but I’m just careful when I move it to another spot. I do put some items in small sandwich bags first just to keep it even more in order. For example, the babies hospital tags that were on their hands and feet, I put them in a little bag. Same thing with their ultrasound pictures. It’s not the nearest looking method because I do put lots together, but now I know where to find it and the kids can go and take a look if they want. They do enjoy seeing their school group pictures or sports pictures etc.


  2. I wish I was this organized. I always said to myself I would do it when they were babies but even when they were 6 months old I has SO many pictures!! It’s crazy!


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