Arts & Crafts: Painting With Pucks

Arts and crafts: painting with pucks

Winter doesn’t seem to want to give up its status here, in fact, another storm is scheduled for tomorrow. We just can’t shake it, and we are really anxious for spring.

With crappy weather, this past weekend, we did an indoor painting activity before heading outside to play in the snow/slush/wind, any other cold winter status that’s currently going on.

I don’t know if it was just our school that used paint pucks, but when I was able to find them on Amazon, I quickly bought them. I used to love painting with these paint pucks, and they were so easy to clean up and didn’t require any squeezing of paint. Just water and voila.

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I really loved these paint pucks. It’s not quite the right terminology, but they do look like hockey pucks. They work great and if you mix the paints together, it’s easy to clean off the top and have a clean colour again.

Check them below to get more information.

Jack Richeson Tempera Watercolour Cake Refills

Jack Richeson 288628 Non-Toxic Tempera Paint Block Set with Tray

We finally opened them up and started to paint. As with boys in this house, they wanted to paint anything superheroes. I was able to print one image until my printer completely stopped because it was low on ink. Guess who has to go and spend a bazillion dollars again for ink. Glad that printer cost us next to nothing but the darn company has us with the ink.

Anyways, so scrap the printing of the image, let’s find colouring books that still have an empty page or two to paint. Great, we are in luck, let’s continue.

All is going great until Tim starts painting his own face and belly. The whole event is now a game for the boys. Might as well join and add more to the fun. Dave starts painting their names on their backs, and it’s a giggling factory.

Well, this little activity was a success and super easy cleanup. My school memories were brought back, and now I get to enjoy making new ones with my kids.

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