Spring Break Chaos

Spring break is officially over, and the boys are back to school! The word chaos is a bit excessive, but I like being dramatic like my children.

You would think that because I had the boys registered at a sports camp that my week would have been super easy. I wish I could say that. Believe it or not, having them in the camp has probably saved me many grey hairs. However, I still managed to get a few in my messy bun. How is that possible? Let’s see:

Day 1

Monday was our first day to head into the city to drop the boys off at the university to start their day camp. That morning, we actually were in the van and buckled into our seats 35 minutes before the camp began. That is what I call success. I even had makeup on my face. It was starting out absolutely awesome!!!

We started the drive to the city, and it took approximately 20 minutes to get to our location. Perfect timing, we were running early (insert happy dance). Then as we parked, I realized I forgot the stroller. Oh well, I would just carry the car seat, and the big boys would walk with the toddler, keep him in line. We walked at toddler speed, but we at least parked close enough to the gymnasium.

We got to the classroom, I signed in the two boys, and I decided to think ahead for the week, and I confirmed the following: “The boys are only swimming Tuesday and Thursday correct?”. The young lady looked at me and goes, oh you didn’t get the emails? Crap! No (I was on a waiting list, and when they registered me, they didn’t write down my email correctly, and I had not noticed)!

“We swim every day at 10:30 am”. Dammit! Going back home and back to the university would be almost an hour round trip, and I would have to nurse the baby midway. ? Guess who was heading to Wal-Mart to grab some new swimming shorts?

I took the toddler and the baby to Wal-Mart. Now, I was really annoyed that I forgot the stroller, but I made the cart work. At least Walmart was carrying a large selection of swimming trunks as it spring season. I head back to the university and drop off the damn shorts. Then, I headed straight home so I could feed the baby. We made it home, and there it’s over. Everyone is content. Day one is over until pick up time.

Day 2

Tuesday morning, we are getting ready to head out. We aren’t doing as well for time. I was looking through their backpacks, and I asked Jeremy where his camp shirt was, and he just says “I don’t know.” Of course, you don’t. Whatever, we don’t need it, let’s keep getting ready.

Then Scott complained that I didn’t give them water bottles yesterday. Dude, maybe look through your backpack for at least 5 seconds. It’s right here. “Oh! I didn’t see it.” Eye roll.

Ok boys, hurry up and get dressed. Well, the boys were pretty tired from playing hard the previous day. Scott was having a meltdown about nothing, and it’s taking him a long time to put on shorts and sweatpants. Finally, we all got into the van, and are running late. At least I remembered to pack the stroller.

We made it to the university slightly late, but we didn’t forget anything.

Day 3

Wednesday morning is super smooth to get out of the house. My mom came out Tuesday afternoon to visit and help out. She got the boys breakfast, and I could take a bit more time to get myself and the two littles ready.

As I was getting their lunch kits ready, I was unable to find Jeremy’s lunch bag. We looked everywhere and determined he forgot it at the university. Of course! Oh well, paper bag it was.

We got everyone loaded into the van, but I left Tim, the toddler, with grandma. I had to take the baby to a Dr’s apt right after I dropped off the boys. We arrived on time and guess what we saw on the registration table, Jeremy’s lunch kit.

All is good, and I headed out. That afternoon, my husband picked up the boys. They come home wearing their boots and shorts, so I assumed their pants were in their bags. I checked, and of course, one pair of pants was left behind.

Day 4

Thursday, I left both littles at home and took the boys. No hiccups and we arrived on time. Of course, we found the forgotten pants. I gave my little speech to the boys to watch their stuff and put it away in their bags. Pretty sure it went in one ear and out the other. They were so excited to get to the gym.

Day 5

Friday, the last day of camp. I had to run all the kids into the city as my mom left the previous day. We actually made it on time, and everything seemed to be going smoothly until Jeremy said: “Mom, where did you put my shoes?” Me? “I didn’t touch your shoes.” He then proceeds to say that I forgot them. Um, buddy, you are 7!!! You are old enough to check your bag. Ugh! I was ready to just leave him there without shoes, but I was pretty sure the coaches would have been mad. So I took the two littles with me, we headed back home. I ran into the house, I grabbed some running shoes and headed back to the city. Now, we had been in the van for almost 2 hours, and I still wanted to take the wee ones grocery shopping because it was blue Friday (air mile deals)

Finally, I made it to the grocery store, I parked, but I knew my little girl was hungry. I nursed her in the van, in the parking lot. You got to do what you got to do. We finally made it inside. I loaded the groceries we needed under the stroller and Tim had to walk because we lost the attachment for the second seat to the stroller. He was being helpful and loaded items for me.

We got in line to pay and we had almost completed our shopping trip. Tim couldn’t stop walking away, and Natalie was losing her mind because she was utterly sick of being in her car seat. I tried to unload everything to pay quickly. We were waiting for the couple ahead of us to pay. The lady then said, “oh someone sounds hungry or tired.” Yes! I knew she was loud. I said: “Yes she hates her car seat, but she isn’t hurting.” She is fine. I keep unloading my items. I then said to the lady that she was baby #4, so I knew she was ok, which is why I was not running to grab her at that moment. The lady then said something in the line of “oh I guess I can’t judge you to be a bad mom.” Holy crap sakes! Excuse me? I just bit my tongue and continued to do my crap.

Seriously, judge me for being a bad mom? Wow! No thanks! That was almost the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Good thing Tim was busy and kept pushing the power button on the till next to us. I was busy keeping him away and didn’t say anything snarky back to the lady. Omg, people quit judging moms. You aren’t in their shoes, and you don’t know what kind of day they had. Judge away in silence!

So there you go, that was the end of my week. I was super happy the boys got to be in the week camp because it’s tough to juggle their needs with a toddler that has a set nap schedule and a baby. This allowed them to play, meet new friends and get physical activity versus being at home all day being bored or fighting with each other. Imagine the blog post I would have written for that spring break!

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