The Forgetful Mama Brain

You got to love everything pregnancy offers to our bodies. I mean, we get the most beautiful gift, a baby, which I am grateful for, but can we take a moment and giggle at how pregnancy affects our brains and makes us do ridiculous things??

For example, I can’t remember which pregnancy it was, but I went grocery shopping, came home and put groceries away. So far so good, right?? Well, it wasn’t until my husband went into the pantry for something and found a little surprise. Apparently, I thought hamburger patties belonged in the pantry. It seemed logical at the time. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I’m assuming I was trying to organize all the boxed items into the pantry and just grabbed that box by accident. I’m sure that’s why I did, not because I was having a pregnancy moment right???

Or how about the time I was getting ready for bed, I let the dogs outside to do their business and then I went to bed. This sounds entirely innocent, right? Well, not quite. I accidentally forgot to close the door after the dogs were done. It was fall, and the cold air was pumping into the house. We had a two storey house with the bedrooms upstairs. I woke up sweating that night because the furnace would not stop running. It was hot upstairs, so I went down to check the thermostat to find the main floor freezing. Oops, the door was open. I was surprised the dogs didn’t whine all night for us to check on them as they were pretty cold.

I have heard other stories of fellow pregnant mamas who have locked their purses in their car or left it at home. What are your stories? What funny pregnancy moments can you share??

If you are slightly interested in the ”why” our pregnant brains become forgetful, check this article Pregnancy brain: Why it happens and how to be less forgetful by BabyCentre.

On the topic of the mommy brain, I have noticed a switch after having kids. I’ve always been a good multitasker, but now my skills are much sharper. My autofocus has changed and I can tell it’s because there is so much to process and the brain finds a way a to prioritize it and find ways to make it all work.

However, with this new “power,” I don’t always retain stories or remember things that happened years ago. My brain can only do so much, and it has decided to reduce my memory power. My husband will tell me a story, and an hour later I will ask the same question because I can’t remember his answer. Oops sorry! I swear you are important, just the story slipped the brain.

Anyone else noticed their superpower has weakened another of their skills such as memory? Fun times!

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