6 Baby Products I Can’t Live Without

6 Baby Products I Can't Live Without

What are the essential baby products I can’t be without? Well, let me tell you that after 4 babies, I now know what’s worth it and what you shouldn’t bother wasting your money on.

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#1 – Ovol Baby Drops!

I can not stress how much this product makes our evenings so much better. I have tried many different baby gas drops, and none of them work like the brand Ovol. I wish they sold the bottles in a larger format so I wouldn’t be going back to buy more. You can find it on Amazon by clicking on the link below:

OVOL Infant DROPS for Fast & Gentle Relief of Infant Colic Gas 15 ml Made in Canada

Ovol Drops for Infants, 30ml

All my babies had terrible stomach gas/pains, and I’ve attributed it to my breast milk coming out too fast. When they drink, they swallow in too much air. Give them a bit of Oval, and you can see the relief right away after they have been crying in pain. Love love love!

#2 – Double Stroller – What To Look For

I’m not going to recommend any specific brand because they are continually changing and adapting to people’s needs.

If you are going to need a double stroller, I recommend one with big sturdy wheels. Living here in Canada where we get all sorts of weather, the wheels are critical to make it through it all. I use my double stroller in mid-winter and have no problems getting through the snow.

Another part to think about is how are you going to use this stroller. For example, on mine, I like the fact that it can be used as a single stroller or a double stroller. This is perfect as that way when my toddler is old enough, I can use the stroller as a single stroller for the baby and don’t need to worry about it being too big. Plus, think of how much space it will require in your vehicle when you close it. Will it be bulky?

Also, think about the size of storage you have on your stroller. When I grocery shop in winter, I am not about to take the baby out of the car seat. Makes no sense to take her out in the cold just to transfer to a carrier. When we shop, it’s pretty much impossible to put a stroller in a cart and then expect to have space to put any products. Nope, I use the stroller and fill up the bottom storage area. I have had to pay, unload the groceries in my van and go back and continue shopping because I had a long list of items (this is also why I love online grocery shopping more and more).

#3 – Baby Carrier

I do recommend spending a bit more money on a suitable carrier. When I had my first son, I bought an inexpensive one, and it was hard on my back, and my son wasn’t very comfortable in it.

I have since upgraded to a new one that has a great back and hip support. My babies sleep so well in it. When we went on a family trip to the mountains last year, I had one of my babies in it, and it was terrific. He slept great, I could walk on the trails and enjoy the views. I didn’t have to worry about pushing a stroller up any hills.

The one I am using is good for newborns as it comes with an insert as well. Absolutely perfect baby carrier. You can find more details at the Ergo Baby site: Omni 360 Carrier – Ergobaby

Also, I am a big believer in babies being held a lot. I don’t believe they are spoiled and won’t sleep at night. During the day, when you need to complete chores, strap on a carrier, and you can achieve so many tasks all while the baby naps. It’s a win-win situation.

#4 – Vibrating Chair

All my babies have loved sitting in a vibrating chair that rocks. Don’t bother buying anything fancy or expensive. The cheap ones work perfectly. I use my chair a lot while cooking in the kitchen. I can’t use a carrier much while cooking as I don’t want to cut myself or burn the baby. Set the chair near you while you cook where the baby can see you.

The chair can work great for when you want to start feeding baby solids, and they aren’t able to sit in a high chair. I used to try and use a Bumbo chair, but that was just a waste of money. I used it because we bought it. It wasn’t something that was necessary. I actually sold ours last year and won’t be looking for anything similar for this last baby. I will be using our vibrating chair (the fact that I have cute chubby babies didn’t help to fit in the Bumbo chair either haha).

#5 – Baby Swing/Mamaroo

I love our Mamaroo. I don’t need a fancy one with music because it’s loud enough in the house where the baby is sleeping that the music or sound would just be an extra unnecessary sound. I love that it comes in different settings to calm the baby as well as various speeds. I use this a lot during the day to keep baby sleeping for hopefully more than 30 minutes.

#6 Nasal Aspirator

No joke! I don’t mean one of those nasal aspirators that looks like a mini turkey baster. I mean one where you suck from one end of a tube to pull snot out of your baby’s nose. Yes! I know it sounds disgusting, but it’s amazing when your baby is stuffed up. It may feel like you are sucking your baby’s brains out, but you are just getting all the juice out of their sinuses, and they will thank you after. I use the HydraSense brand and love it. So easy to use. You can find it on Amazon by clicking on the link below:

hydraSense Nasal Aspirator Starter Kit

Now, what are the products that weren’t worth it? To me, a Bumbo chair was useless, baby thighs were too thick anyways. Inexpensive carrier, you are better off not getting one if it won’t sit properly on your hips and back. You need proper support. Apparently, some people have bought a warmer for baby wipes? This seems useless in my opinion. Wipes are not that cold. Your baby will quickly adjust.

What are the top baby products you can’t go without and what are the ones you could live without?


  1. Great advice! I never understood the reasoning of a wipe warmer either. What happens when you are out changing a baby?? I agree with lots of what you said!! My top:
    – bouncy/vibrating seat
    – swing or mamaroo- they didn’t have a mamaroo when my first was born so got a swing and just used it with both kids
    – the aspiration you mentioned is awesome
    – we used bio Gaia drops and they were amazing

    -wipe warmer (but I never had one)
    – those tee pee things for boys. Got them as a gift. Totally useless
    – a million OTC exema creams. Diet and more fruits and veggies helped clear our kids exema but every kid is different.
    – small receiving blankets. We needed th big ones to swaddle
    Thanks for sharing!!! Love your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my I can’t even imagine trying to wrestle the diaper change and put a teepee thing! I would have got peed on prob more hahah!

      I was the same for the Mamaroo. It wasn’t out or wasn’t popular yet with the first. Then I watched Ellen and it was on there and I was like I need that ASAP!! Love that it plugs in too.


  2. My top ones (mind you only 2 babies… and that is enough😉). 1) carriers- I have had half a dozen and loved them all for different reasons (Tula, ergo, ring sling, Ktan, nesting days (like a shirt- awesome for my preemie), water sling… 2) cloth diapers- I know they are not for everyone but I love them) 3) high chair that attaches to the table 4) awesome rocking chairs- you spend hours in it so worth spending $ on! 5) noise machines- ones that don’t turn off, we use Dex and I am listening to both of them right now! 6) ummm. Boobs?! Not much else I ended up needing but this would be the number one thing (I guess a good pump for my nicu babe!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good ones Stacey!!! I tried the cloth diapers and it didn’t last long after around 6 months when pants no longer fit and it was winter time lol. Now, I also give Probiotics and I change even more diapers (92) last week with just one baby. I have enough laundry as is! I totally forgot about the rocking chair and noise maker. Big time needs for us too. Baby in the room, and the noise maker is in the other room so I use an app on my phone for now.


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