Entertaining a Toddler

Toddler Trouble!

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As you all know, I have 4 kids, however, I am very surprised to see how busy the third one is. I had the first two boys 18 months apart and when I was home with the baby, the oldest was manageable. He was a toddler, but I was able to entertain him with toys and keep him out of trouble.

This time around, being home with a baby, my toddler is shockingly busier. I mean, we all know how the second child is the busy child but let me tell you, my third child is by far the busiest. I thought that my Scotty (2nd) was crazy busy. I remember he learned to roll around in the living room at 3 months, walking at 9 months and running at 10 months.

Nope, little Timmy is always getting into trouble and keeping me on my toes. These are just some examples from this past month:

Toddler Troubles

He cracks me up though. Even though I am always running back to the kitchen to get him out of the pantry, he provides some humour. As the outdoor weather has not been the best, we are cooped up in the house. I also have zero desire to take him out in public and chase him everywhere with a baby in arms. I can do grocery stores on occasion but that’s if I am feeling slightly nuts.

Now, I am trying to entertain him in the house as he doesn’t enjoy playing with toys. I’ve been looking through Pinterest for some ideas and now trying to attempt them. With that, I’ve created our first YouTube video.

Entertaining a Toddler

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  1. Oh goodness, boys can be so exhausting! My little one is 15 months but he's all over the place, climbing on things and doing everything that he has no business doing. Definitely keeps you on your toes though!

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