“I Don’t Know How You Do It”

After I had our third baby boy, I started hearing “I don’t know how you do it” and “you are supermom”. Now that I have three boys and a baby girl, I hear it very often. Let me tell you my secret…..

I’m no super Mom, although my kids think I am some kind of super hero, not sure which one, I’m just the regular mom pretending to keep shit together! How do I do it??? Beats me, like the title of my blog, I’m just surviving each day and trying to raise kids and keeping them fed and loved. Enter following meme:

Some days at home I can get lots done. I can wash, dry and fold laundry while even getting a few meals cooked. Other days, I’m in my pjs all day and try to change before my husbands gets home so he doesn’t know ha! Even when we’ve all had some good sleeps, I just don’t want to do anything and just binge on Netflix and watch Shameless or Gossip Girl (random shows).

I’ve noticed that on the days I’m surviving, the house is surviving too. For example, today, I did manage to clean my mudroom, but my kitchen threw up and my dining table was still dirty from last night’s supper. Whatever, at least I managed to do one thing, to me that’s a successful day!

This is how a super moms do it:

Just got to nap when you can!


  1. Yessss! I can so relate to this post! Our 4th is due in August and every “supermom” comment I get I feel a little guilty because I’m no super mom I’m just a MOM doing the best I can! Okay, actually I take it all back! We are ALL super moms! Hahaha

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  2. Love the raw honesty. I’ve read probably millions of tips by now about how to juggle everything as a mom. But no one ever says the truth: no two days are the same and we’re all figuring out how to survive.

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