Still Survivng!

Now, where do I start??? I believe it’s been a few months since I last wrote a blog post. Why the delay? Well, one, I became a grumpy pregnant person, and two, I had our baby girl!!!!

After being 10 days overdue, our precious little angel arrived and we couldn’t be happier. Great delivery, thank you epidural, and beautiful baby. Couldn’t ask for more.

So, the questions I have received so far? How is the adjustment to 4 kids and how is having a girl? Well, the adjustment to 4 means I do not go out in public alone with them. That is just too crazy for now. First of all, I am a nursing cow and I feel like I am feeding every 5 minutes and secondly, my toddler is so busy and doesn’t care to listen to the word “no”. It’s just safer to stay home.

How is it having a girl? So far I can’t really tell the difference, I mean she is just being a baby. However, it is fun to dress her up in different outfits, colours, patterns and dresses. She has many options and also, she has nicer clothes than me.

One last little snippet, this week, my older boys are off school for the week, my mom came over for a couple of days to help entertain them. We decided to venture out with all kids to the museum. It was going really well until the moment we were getting ready to leave. The two boys went to the washroom, I was getting myself ready to go outside, and my mom was trying to soothe the baby when a lady touched my arm and said: “here’s your mommy”. I turned over and she is handing over my toddler as he was wandering away from us…. at that point I thanked her and looked over to my mom and said: “is it wrong that I wasn’t even looking for him??”. I didn’t even notice he walked away. Oops, well it was an honest moment and we had a little laugh. So that also proved I can’t go alone with all kids yet.

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