Bathroom Disasters

I’ve told this story a few times this week and all the parents of boys say they can relate. It’s just mind-blowing how gross bathrooms are when you have boys!

The latest story is from this past weekend. I was in the washroom and I could smell pee. I thought, oh it must be an old diaper in the garbage, so I dump it out. Then I hear my husband saying “who peed in the toy basket?”


Of course, silence and no one fesses up. Turns out, the eldest one said he “accidentally” peed in it. Um, buddy, you’re 6! That’s not an accident, you were peeing and decided it would be cool to aim for the bathtub toy basket!

To make it slightly more interesting, the basket leaked all over the floor. Ugh, no wonder it stunk! At least the hubby cleaned it up because there is no way I can even manoeuvre around the back of the toilet with my large preggo belly. Fricken boys and their need to pee all over! Ugh!

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