On your marks, get set, GO!

I decided to write down a day in our weekly routine. This is not to complain or to say I do more than others or anything like that. It’s just to show a day in a life with kids. Honestly, nothing too exciting or super crazy either. It’s too bad I no longer wear my Fitbit to see how many steps I take in a day. I remember when I was at work, the number was low, but before and after work those numbers would spike. It’s always a go go situation. At least for now, we don’t have any weekly night activities. Pretty sure I would burn out, not my kids, but for me! I have to go with my own limits too.

One last thing before I share my lovely little schedule, I want to send a shout out to all parents!! Kudos to you all for making whatever schedule works for you! Everyone rocks! Keep it up, even if sometimes you think you might be off track! I always feel lost but we keep on trucking.

6 am – alarm goes off (nooooooo), instantly search for the snooze. I realize to some this isn’t that early. I am not an early bird, so getting up is not my favourite.

6:10 am – alarm again, curse words run through my head. Sometimes I get up, sometimes I hit snooze again.

6:30 am – yup, I am ready (no joke, I get the hair, makeup, clothing all of it done within 10-20 minutes. I figured out how to do my routine quickly).

I also start making the kid’s school lunches. I used to get them ready at night, but I’ve had those sandwiches, and if I add lettuce to it, it gets soggy. So I make their sandwiches in the am.

I also, assist the kids with their breakfast. The rest of the morning for the kids is organized by the hubby.

6:45 am – out of the house, on my way to work.

7 am – 4 pm – I pretend to work…oh maybe my boss is reading. I mean I work super hard. This is the time where I feel like an adult and have adult conversations, enjoy warm coffee.

Baby at work here

4 pm – Off to pick up the kids from the daycare. The time of pick up can range. Sometimes, one of the boys has lost their jacket, so we begin the school tour looking for it, randomly find it a lost and found pile, or in a gym, or outside, or it was in their backpack the whole time.

4:30 pm, – We leave daycare and this is my favourite part…only it isn’t. We hit construction somewhere on the road home, never fails, but hey this is a small city, it doesn’t take forever to get home.

5:00 pm – Rush to make supper. Tim is walking around me in the kitchen whining for food while I try to clean up the kitchen, and get prepping for supper. I give him a couple of snacks, we are always happy when dad comes home at this point to distract the hungry bear (this could be a reference to the toddler or it could be a reference to me ha).

5:30 – 6:00 – Somewhere around this point we eat supper. Yay, we got everyone fed! Success! Alright, now its time to clean up the table, and pull out the school books to see what needs to be done. Oh, reading homework.

6:30 pm – Reading assignment is over. Let the kids loose if there is still sunlight at this point. Trampoline time or play in the basement etc.

6:45 pm – Bath time and little Timmy goes to bed. He is so easy to put to sleep, pjs, soother, blanky and out.

Because he is too cute!

7:00 pm – Sit down! I don’t even help to put the older kids to bed because I am just too fatigué! Wonderful dad does that thankfully

8: 00 pm – I begin to make my way upstairs, have a shower and then I lay in bed, catch up on some tv and go to bed. (Sometimes I will catch an overflowing laundry basket and throw the laundry in the wash/dry, but trust me, it doesn’t always get folded until the next day. Wrinkles are cool too ha, right?)

Repeat next day.

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