Cooking for the family

I remember a time when I didn’t feel like cooking a meal and I would pull out my trusty cereal or my good old peanut butter and jam toast. Always hit the spot and it was simple. Now, I can’t rely on this as often as I did. Apparently, we have to keep our kids fed with food to help them grow. So demanding, kidding.

Trying to keep food tasty, simple and creative is a challenge. I used to meal plan, do the groceries ahead of time and sometimes even have a few meals prepped in the freezer. Today, this is pretty much impossible. Between getting home after work, getting the kids ready for bedtime, and myself going to bed pretty early, there is just not enough time. Also, our weekends are busy prepping for a move.

If I want to stay sane, I have to know my limits. So with that, I have decided to do some searching for meals that my boys will enjoy and that will be quick to prep after work.

FYI, my boys are 6, 4 and 1, we go through almost a loaf of bread a day, milk goes through the house as fast as it comes in. These boys aren’t even teenagers yet. Scary thought for my future. Yes, we are getting a second fridge when we move because milk itself takes so much space, plus I do most of our shopping at Costco and that stuff is always so big and bulky.

So to come back to supper time, I am going to look through my trusty old recipe books. I swear the older books contain the best recipes. All the new books tend to be too creative and pretend the prep time is quick. I remember when we were younger we had to sell 4-H cookbooks. This book is a little gem. So many recipes and have great baking ones too.


You can tell it’s well used. Love it!

I will post another blog later on to show recipes we have started to use. If you have some good ones, join my Facebook group to exchange recipes for myself and others. The more the merrier 🙂

Join here: Surviving Three Boys Group – Meal ideas! 


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