Boys and Trouble

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This week,  I was having a chat with my coworker about a situation my boys got themselves into. It had us laughing and yet rethink children and danger.

We know the term “baby proofing”. As our babies start moving around, we start to remove the “dangers” from their path or lock the cupboards and drawers etc. We are watching them closely, but as they get older you begin to give them more independence and trust.

Well, let me tell you, during the baby stage I should have been laxer and I should be kid proofing everything now. See, this week after work, I was getting supper ready and Jeremy and Scott went outside to play on the trampoline. All seems great until Scott started to scream/cry. Thinking they were wrestling again, I start walking outside and getting ready to tell them “see what happens when you wrestle??” only I came to a different scene.

I see Scott grabbing at his finger and then I look over at Jeremy and instantly realize this scene could have been much worse. They found the rope/string that attaches to a kite….well this string was wrapped all around Jeremy’s leg pretty tightly and Scott was crying because the string was wrapped around his finger tightly and cut it.

It may not sound like a big deal, but seriously, these two make one little task bigger than it should be. We had to have the conversation about how a string tied too tightly can cause blood flow to stop and lose a limb. Yup, we went dramatic with our story as we wanted to make an impact on their decision making.

So all in all, I was letting them be on their own and I’m sure my neighbours looking out their windows and seeing the boys were prob thinking wth. Yup, I know this is just the beginning of the ridiculous ideas/decisions they will be making. I remember so many stories the boys in my class would tell. Shake my head…why are boys daredevils and not afraid of things??? Dammit!!!

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