VOTE : Boy or Girl

Tomorrow is the big reveal day for our growing family. We will find out at the ultrasound, as long as baby is co-operating, if we are having a boy or a girl. I literally feel as though I already know I am having a 4th boy. All four pregnancies have been exactly the same. They all have the low heart beats, I have the same cravings, the same sickness so on and so forth.

I feel as though, I will be laying on the chair and the technician will say “you are having a boy”, and I will be like ya ok. Not even surprised or anything. I feel 95% sure it’s a boy. At this point, I think it would just be easier to have another boy. My house is boys, toys,  clothes, and constant chaos of noise. A girl would throw us off.

Regardless of the gender we will be 100% percent happy and grateful, but I just really feel that I am growing another boy. Even my Dr is convinced. I’m eager to find out….just one more sleep as I would tell the kids.

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  1. I vote a girl…just because I hope you get to experience having one. Though by what you say…I think possibly a boy. Either way as long as you and baby are healthy, that is what really matters.

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