Who’s hungry for a wiener?

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Quick little story. A couple of weeks ago we were out at a family reunion, and we were about to head home after a great weekend of visiting with everyone.

As I was packing, my aunt quickly asks me if I would take any leftovers home with us. I said absolutely! She then asks “would you and the kids eat some weiners too?”

Now to many, this may not sound all that weird, or maybe it does. See, in our house of boys, we use both the words penis and wiener interchangeably. So, when my aunt asked me the question, my little Scotty was standing next to me and looked up at me in horror. He literally thought she meant penis. He was so confused and said, “we are going to eat wieners???”

I couldn’t help but laugh so hard and had to quickly explain that grandpas family uses the word wiener instead of the word hot dog. The look of relief was too funny as well. I just kept thinking of what was running through his head when he heard her ask the question.

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