Capture the moments!

Last night, sitting in Tim’s room, and rocking him to sleep as he wasn’t feeling well, I started to reflect. My little boy just turned one but yet I feel he is growing too quickly.

We often hear how parents always feel the small sadness of seeing their last baby grow up and not be in the baby phase anymore. I know I have another baby coming along and I still feel the sadness.

Last night, my little guy wasn’t well. It was 1130 pm, he was warm and needed some cuddles. I laid him on my shoulder and sat in the rocker. He immediately rested his head on my shoulder. As I rocked him in the chair, I rubbed his back and just captured his little body in my memory. I felt his little spine, I could feel his little belly breathing and just remembered how small he was just a few short months ago.

It might be my pregnancy hormones in overdrive which make me more sentimental, but I felt pure love and sadness all at the same time. My little boy is growing up. Soon, he will be running around the house and chasing his brothers. It amazes me how quickly they change. I decided at that moment to capture it all. To not put him back into his bed just yet and take a few more moments to cuddle him regardless if I was tired.

He isn’t my last baby but yet I am seeing another one grow up. I blinked once again and the change happened.

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