3% seems like a low number right? Well, it’s a huge number for our us…we were the 3% fail rate and now boom pregnant!

You are probably wondering why the hell are you talking about this? Well, you know what, pretty much everyone knew we were done with babies. So now when people find out they are so surprised and shocked and pretty much wonder wtf?? So, with me being a blunt person, I dive into the story.

In my mind, I rather talk about it anyways. Yes, we had an accident, birth control fail whatever you want to call it, but it’s not a mistake. Nope! As much as this was a huge shock to us, we wouldn’t change it now….well now that we have had 3 months to absorb the idea.

I have to say, as scary as it to think of having a fourth child, two sets of 18 months children gap, it has been more fun to announce. The other three everyone expected and were just waiting. Seeing everyone’s expressions has been pretty funny.

Sooo, with that, yup we are the 3%. I often joke that this is our 16 and pregnant story only double the age. Yes, it is just as scary when you are married and established to add another baby when you weren’t ready. I mean I have one-word DAYCARE! Yikes, looks like I will be buying lots in bulk and cheap.

One little side story, when I was trying to slowly tell the kids, I would make comments like, oh mom is too full because of the baby in her belly. The first time I said it, Jeremy goes: “no you don’t have a baby, you said you were all done”. Ha! Even the kids knew. Well, eventually they forgot about that comment and when we made the official announcement they were super excited. Scott said he loves babies. His prediction is that it’s a boy because in the ultrasound picture the baby didn’t have hair. Bring on another boy! I’m pretty used to the crazy, what’s another boy right?

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