Ninja time!

Man, I regret ever watching American Ninja Warriors with the kids! Ok, may even not really. It’s a really cool show and amazes me how strong both men and women can be with an immense amount of endurance!!! But, it’s so cool to my boys that they try to make everything in our house a ninja warrior course.

Outside on the deck, they will climb along the deck railings, they will jump from one couch to the next. In the house, I caught one trying to come down the stairs while only holding on to the railing. In the basement, I try to ignore this area and pretend they are being angels ha.

When we go to the park now this is where they show off their true ninja skills. At least, I feel at the park it’s better equipped for their craziness versus my houses where they will break it.

I’m actually not that worried about them getting hurt, to be honest. Kids fall doing simple things, at least if they fall being a ninja, they will start to learn about landing more gracefully. I’m just worried about them putting a hole in the wall, breaking the stair railings. Yup, I am that mother that is more worried about the damage to the house than to my child.

All in all, the show has given them more imagination to their world. They see something and instantly try to view it from a different perspective which is great but dammit at the expense of things breaking. Oh well, it’s all part of growing up. Maybe in their future, they will compete on the show ha!

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