Blood or Spray Paint???

Sooooo last Saturday evening we decided to invite some little friends to come and play with the boys….well all was going well until this:

Interesting image right? Well, this is how it started. The boys, 4 of them, were playing downstairs while the adults enjoyed time alone. Then the youngest one came upstairs to talk to his dad. All was well until the dad said, what’s that smell? Why do you smell weird? You smell like paint. The little guy innocently says “no”. I’m thinking it can’t be paint, must be the scented soap he used when he washed his hands. The dad said oh ok that might be it.

My husband decided it would be best to check on the kids….he then comes back up holding a bottle of red spray paint. Man, I had used that can 6 years ago and forgot about it. It was on the top shelf and the boys climbed up and grabbed it.

Yup sprayed boxes, my shelf, my big juice dispenser and their clothes. The bright side all those things can be replaced and it wasn’t anything super valuable, but what little shits. They were just having fun spraying it like crazy.

That same weekend, my husband took the boys out in the van and while he was driving noticed handprints all over the windshield. He thought that’s strange. Turns out the little shits decided to climb onto the van and go sliding down the windshield over and over. Seriously?? My goodness!!! I can’t give them 2 mins of independence without any trouble happening.

These boys are only 4 and 6. What else is to come??? I will stay in denial!

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