Sleeping Sucks!

Yes, I hate bedtime and always dread it when my husband has to work late because that means I have to put all 3 crazies to bed and for some reason, we can’t get it to go smoothly. It’s a two-person job. I am not looking for solutions or “have you tried this” tip. It is what it is and yup we are probably developing the worst sleeping habits so our boys will grow up terrible. Sorry world 😛

See, I always knew I wanted 3 kids, so when we found out we were pregnant with #3, we decided why don’t we just get bunk beds now and transfer the kids together. Get them used to it before baby gets here. I knew my #2 crazy son would be a slight problem as I swear that everyone’s 2nd child has a small inner shit disturber in them. (I was the eldest in my family, therefore I was perfect). Anyways, we transfer them to the bunk beds, and the boys are thrilled an excited.

Well let me tell you, we are now on the baby being 8 months old, and my little stinkers (I secretly call them shit heads, I swear I still love them) still can’t fall asleep on their own without causing major chaos and headaches. The only solution that seems to work is if my husband or I lay with the 2nd one in his bed until he falls asleep. Then we can walk out. That doesn’t seem so bad right? Except if we start the bedtime routine slightly too late, it’s like he becomes this little ass. (Yes I swear, it is what it is). It can take an hour for him to sleep and let me tell you, he has to pee prob 2 times, has to poop once and then he has to call us every bad word he knows. We are randomly not his best friend and he isn’t going to play with us anymore. Oh, the joys of putting them to bed.

This week, with my husband working later, I decided I had enough. I can’t put the baby to sleep and lay with the boys for an hour every night. Nope, I am going to take charge. Ha! Well, the first night I had this big discussion about them being big boys and they can go to bed alone now. That means, no talking, no spitting (yes, the older one will spit from the top bunk down, but he says it’s because his mouth was open and the spit fell out, oh right…) no giggling, no breathing really hard, no moving lots and no singing. Night #1 was a success. I didn’t even have to yell at them. It just worked. I thought oh man, am awesome, I got this! Well, that success has never replicated. Dammit. For example, last night, I had to tell them many times to stop talking, to stop laughing to stop this to stop that. Frick, I was throwing every threat. Nothing was working, so finally I had to take #2 and put him in our room. Well, let me tell you how that tantrum went. The dramatic crying, the super high pitch yelling that woke up the baby (was pretty happy about that one… by the way I tend to be sarcastic), and finally the “I feel sooo sick mom” and “daddddyyyyyyy”. I refused to let in, but the hubby decided to go see him and have a talk. 30 mins later he re-emerged. The little guy still wasn’t asleep but at least the grouchiness was over. Oh, the joys of putting my kids to bed! I’m sure tonight it will be just as much fun.

At least now, which I am probably jinxing at this very moment, my baby is going to bed on his own at 7 pm. Has his little 30 sec cry and boom out cold until sometime between 10-midnight. Pff, I will take that. Way better than his constant need to eat every 2 hours.

I hope you enjoyed my little story. This is just the 1st of the many joyful events that happen here. I’m sure many of you can relate or have some advice. It’s all good, it makes for some good memories in my future when I wonder where the heck the time has gone as it seems to be going at insane speed.

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