Picky Eaters

Sound familiar? Most likely or maybe you are a better cook than me. My two older kids would eat anything for a good time, but then all of sudden, the elder one decided he didn’t like tomatoes, mushrooms and some cooked veggies. Oh, the joys of the fussy stage. By being a picky eater, the middle child decided he doesn’t like tomatoes or mushrooms either. Oh, and to top it off he doesn’t seem to like many cooked types of meat as they are hard to chew.

Oh, the joys of not liking a meal. If it’s not something they don’t like, it’s something they disagree on. Sometimes I decide to be nice and offer a choice for the meal, what the? Why do I even bother? Seriously? It’s like they have to purposely disagree every time. Nope, can’t make it easy and just agree because that would be boring.

I will be honest, I don’t love to cook, but I do love to bake!! Mm, who doesn’t like sweets right? Now, if only I had the same passion for cooking, maybe the kids would enjoy eating more? It’s not like I cook terrible meals or anything, in fact, if I do too fancy they won’t eat for sure.

The one meal that they ask for all the time is just the plain old macaroni and cheese, not the kind you buy in a box, but the just the plain kind you make at home. It’s so plain and you guys probably think its disgusting that I just use Cheese Whiz and milk, but they love it! I remember back during my babysitting days, I would make this for kids and they would eat it up so quickly and always ask for more. Yup, simplicity at its best and kids just devour it. I’m sure, if I offered this every day, kids would never get bored of it.

So how do I randomly deal with the fussy stage? Well, they simply can’t leave the table until they eat a good chunk of it. I know they are usually hungry because as soon as they come home, they are instantly asking for snacks. Nope, not allowed any snacks in my house after school otherwise I literally can not get them to eat supper. I don’t make them eat everything on their plate unless they want to as I don’t actually know how hungry my little men are, but at least if they can eat some meat and veggies I am happy.

I remember myself as a kid not being allowed to leave the table until I finished what was on my plate, I guess what goes around comes around. I heard on the radio awhile back that kids must eat a food at least 7 times to get used to it. 7 times is a lifetime for my kids. I have asked them many times to eat those mushrooms, nope they pick them out of their mouth. At least now, they stopped complaining about cooked tomatoes as they realized they have no flavour when they are cooked. Slowly winning my battle.

It’s all fun and crazy in the house, wouldn’t change it, just too bad I am not passionate about cooking, my poor boys. At least, when I bake, I can convince them to eat their supper and then they can have a desert….slightly winning ha!

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